About the blog

I blog here about the ups and downs of running, racing, and living in Charleston, and I document my progress (or more often, my lack thereof) along with posts about cool things to do and see in the #1 city in the U.S (according to Travel + Leisure).


I figured since I love to talk about running, but not everyone I know likes hearing about it, a blog was a great place for me to share my story and connect with other people who love running as much as I do. You'll also find post about my other fitness activities, like paddleboarding and barre, as well as some of my adventures in art and design, and of course, all things beachy and coastal. I'm also working on some other ideas to expand the blog a bit, so watch for those. 

Why Into the Glimmer?

I chose the name Into the Glimmer because  the word glimmer means "a faint sign of a feeling or quality, especially a desirable one," i.e., a glimmer of hope. It symbolizes a world of possibilities and opportunities just over the horizon, if one just has the grit to move toward them. And so I'm headed there, toward all of those new possibilities awaiting me, whether it's a simple as a new PR at the finish line of a big race, or something bigger and more meaningful. 


As an extension of my blog, I also create and sell photography, art, clothing, and other beachy goods (and I have a jewelry line in the works as well). You can check out those on my Society 6 shop and at Modify Watches x Into the Glimmer.


I also recently started traveling more (and not just for races) and am working on adding my travel adventures to the blog as well. Recent trips include the Bahamas and Orange County, California.

Upcoming trips include:

  • Sunset Beach, NC - May 2018
  • Outer Banks, NC - June 2018
  • Ponte Vedra, FL - June 2018
  • Lancaster, PA - August 2018
  • Myrtle Beach, SC - October 2018
  • Wilmington, NC - December 2018
  • Southern California (maybe)
  • Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL (maybe)

You can also find me on Instagram @IntotheGlimmer as well as follow my hashtag #saltwashedrunner. And my friend Jenn and I recently started a joint Instagram account to track our training and runcations. You can follow us there @SoleSistersJourney.