Running, designing, and living in Charleston, South Carolina

Work with me

I love working with brands that make sense for both my blog and the brand


Types of Brands that are a Good match:

  • Athleisure fashion brands

  • Workout clothing and gear

  • Running shoes

  • Health foods and workout nutrition

  • Races, gyms and workout studios

  • Beachy products (lotions, hair care, beach gear, etc)

  • Surf brands

  • Kid/parent essentials

  • Art and craft supplies

  • Subscription boxes in any of the areas on this list

  • Local Charleston-based companies


Some of my favorite brands and companies are ones that are involved in or give back to animal or marine life causes, as well as ocean and conservation causes. 

What you get from me:

What you get can vary by the terms of the partnership. I'll adhere to any guidelines laid out by the brand, but I'll probably also go beyond what you ask and post several social media posts and at least one blog post. 

What I don't do:

Free posts/PR posts - while I love blogging and writing, and trying new products, I don't do it for free. If you want me to blog about your product or partner with you on a post, I prefer to work with companies and brands who will send me the product to actually try rather than buying it myself. I buy plenty of things on my own and post about them (for free!) without prompting from the brand because I just like them and use them. But if a brand is reaching out to me, I prefer to be paid in some form or fashion, whether in product or monetarily. 


Brands I’ve worked with


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