About ME

Hello! I'm glad you're here!

I'm Christine and I'm a full-time mom with a full-time job and several part-time hobbies (and sometimes freelance work). I do my best to balance it all while staying half sane. I also love to run. That usually helps with the staying sane thing. I even out all of the running with yoga, barre, and standup paddleboarding

Left photo by Leanne Trudeau Photography, Top Right photo by Melissa Griffin Photography

Left photo by Leanne Trudeau Photography, Top Right photo by Melissa Griffin Photography

Photo by melissa Griffin Photography

Photo by melissa Griffin Photography

The reality is between working full-time, toddler life, and having a husband who travels, life can get pretty crazy and scheduling my workouts (and other interests) can be tough. Balancing it all isn't easy, and I don't always do it well, but at least I try. 

By day, I work from home for a large tech company as a principal user experience designer, visual director, and research lead. I do this stuff and this stuff, plus visual design and illustration all day, and I love it! I have a Bachelor's degree in communications (journalism and graphic design), a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in merchandising (specifically jewelry and fashion product development and e-commerce) and I'm always looking for more classes to take and things to learn (like industrial design or data science). 

I've also been blogging for a long time (long before this blog). I started out with a handmade/indie design/maker blog - back before it was the trendy thing to do and I was also pretty immersed in that world as a jewelry designer, and focused a lot on it during my grad school thesis work. After that, I migrated to a fashion blog (oh, the scary things I wore!), then I came here in 2012 and I've been here ever since. 

In the fall of 2017, I took on a part-time position as an editor for the Toptal Design Blog. So in addition to my professional design work, I'm also a professional writer and editor in the design world. This kind of made me feel like I've arrived. I'm not sure where, but somewhere good. 

When I'm not running or working out, blogging, or working, you can find me designing jewelry, painting or drawing, volunteering for animal rescues or ocean/wildlife causes, messing up recipes in the kitchen, or out on bike rides with my family.

boat life
beach baby

I'm also an unapologetic beach bum. 

And since I'm lucky enough to live in the beautiful, beach-side city of Charleston, South Carolina, I get lots of outdoor adventures and beach time with my husband (D), our adorable two-year-old son (B), and four fur kids (and previously, Stella Blue, our precious fur kid who went to the Rainbow Bridge in December 2015). 

jewelry designs

I'm originally from a small city in Pennsylvania, went to college in Philadelphia, and stayed there for several years before moving back to home for a bit, then lived in Charlotte for a year and a half before finally making my way to the beach in Charleston. I don't know if we'll stay in Charleston forever (probably not - the West Coast calls), but for now we're loving it. One thing's for sure, since I went coastal, I'm never going back.