Running, designing, and living in Charleston, South Carolina

Forever Sunny, Forever Salty, Forever coastal…

Running, designing, DIY-ing, and living the beach life in Charleston, South Carolina

(and frequently(ish) traveling to other Sunny, salty locales)

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Hey there! I’m available for collaborations with companies/products that are a good mutual match (think: running gear, beach-related products or fashion, art supplies, etc.).

about christine into the glimmer

Hello! I'm glad you're here!

I'm Christine and I'm the blogger/designer behind Into the Glimmer. 

I'm also a beach bum, #boymom, furkid mama, wife, artist, maker, writer, photographer,  product designer, and small business owner trying to balance it all while staying on the run (and while staying half sane).

Right now, I’m in the process of pivoting this blog a bit. For several years, it’s been all about running, but I’m working on some other things right now because…well, my life is more than running.

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