Weekly recap (4/17-4/23): Summer runnin'

Another (mostly) good running week in the books! While I missed running 5 days (thanks to some nasty GI issues brought on by dehydration), the 4 runs I did were great even if the summer heat has already started. And I got one barre workout in this week (unlike last week), so there's progress. 


Workout recap

Last week's workouts

  • Monday: Barre
  • Tuesday:  Easy run - 4.08 miles (8:57 pace)
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Speedwork - 5.04 mile progression run (8:22 pace, splits: 9:08, 8:27, 8:16, 8:12, 7:58)
  • Friday: Easy run - 3.03 (9:13 pace)
  • Saturday: Easy run at the Food Truck Rally 5K trail race with a friend - 2.55 miles (9:36 pace), short course (untimed)
  • Sunday: Bike ride - 10.5 miles 

Last week's totals

Total miles: 14.70 miles
Total runs: 4
Total barre/yoga: 1
Total bike: 1 (10.5 miles)
Total workouts: 6

Tuesday and Friday were easy runs, but even though they were easy, I did a good job of negative splitting both of them. Tuesday was 4.08 miles with splits coming in at 9:22, 8:57, 8:55, 8:36 and Friday my splits were 9:27, 9:19, and 8:56. I've never consistently run negative split runs, so this is good!

Hot, Steamy, not a lot of shade

Hot, Steamy, not a lot of shade

My speedwork session on Thursday was a progression run (more practice on those negative splits!) and I only missed my pace target on the first mile. I've been struggling in my first mile lately on all of my runs to get warmed up. I get side stitches high in my side (lungs?) and it just takes a bit for my legs to stretch out. After about a mile, though, things loosen up and I'm fine on the rest of the run. I'm thinking this may have to do with dehydration, which I struggled a lot with this week (more on that in a minute). 

On Saturday, I ran the Food Truck Rally 5K trail run. The course was short, there weren't enough food trucks considering the name of the race, it was hot, and the trail was treacherous, but I had fun with friends and got a nice run in on a trail, so that's what counts. It's always good to run with a friend and get out on a trail. And we had Bloody Mary's after the race. Win-win. (Although it probably didn't help with my dehydration problems.)

post-race bloody mary

So about that dehydration issue...I stupidly didn't pay enough attention to my water intake as I was ramping up workouts out in the intense sun and heat. And I paid for it this week. It started on Saturday and went rolling right into Sunday. Sunday I was having so much GI distress that a long run was out of the question. Trust me, I tried. I got less than a mile and just had to turn around. It was too much on my system.

Instead, I hopped on my bike and we headed out for a family bike ride (which included a few pit stops for me and an earlier return home than I would have liked). As much as I was upset about missing my long run on Sunday and having my mileage drop for the week, I knew it was the right choice while I was out on my bike. I didn't feel awesome on a bike; running would have been a disaster. 

So now, I'm paying more attention to hydrating and trying to drink a lot more water, including adding my Skratch Labs hydrating mix once a day. I do not want to get dehydrated again! 

And I'm also back to setting weekly goals for myself. I started doing this last year, just as all of my low iron issues started and it quickly derailed since my only goal was "get through the week." I'm starting small and I'll slowly build with these goals (adding things like yoga, HIIT, trail or beach runs, paddleboarding, etc.). For now, it's simple:

Goal 1 5 runs
Goal 2 2 barre workouts

Outside of workouts, last week we had loads of fun with the little guy. The Boone Hall Strawberry Festival was over the weekend and this year, B was tall enough to ride the kiddie rides. I was shocked. I had no idea he was 36 inches tall already. But he loved those rides! 

strawberry festival

Bedtimes with B were still stressful and I was on my own most of the week again since D was out of town, which always presents challenges to getting everything done, but I survived!

So how was your week?

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Friday Five: Earth Day 2017

This week I'm linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for their Friday Five 2.0 Linkup. The topic this week is "pampering." I took it in a bit of a different direction and, in honor of Earth Day tomorrow, I'm talking about ways we can help our planet. It's the ultimate pampering, I suppose. It's our only home. Let's take care of it.

It's no secret I love the beach. And I love living in Charleston. Its gorgeous wetlands, waterways, and coastlines provide endless outdoor entertainment and it's home to many wildlife species. It's a wonderful place to call home and I'm so lucky to have landed here. 


But Charleston also stands much to lose from climate change. Our city, its natural habitats, and everyone who lives here is threatened by rising ocean temperatures and increasingly volatile weather patterns spurred by climate change. 

Charleston isn't alone in this. So many places on this planet and so many wonderful species of wildlife are highly threatened. Now more than ever, it's on us to do something, to be good stewards of this planet and of the people and animals who live here. We have no hope of going all Battlestar Galactica any time soon, so we need to take care of what we've got. 

While we all can't always be out doing beach cleanups or volunteering at wildlife preserves, there are other things we can do, including donating to causes, purchasing from companies who give back and as runners, running races that support things we care about. 

So for this week's Friday Five, in honor of Earth Day, I'm sharing some of my favorite causes (local and shopping), that help our planet.

1 - East Cooper Land Trust

This one is the closest to home for me. I live in the East Cooper area of a Charleston and we suffer from overdevelopment - too many cars and not enough ways to bike, walk or run to various destinations, and our overdevelopment encroaches on wetlands. 

East Cooper Land Trust helps keep this area Beautiful

East Cooper Land Trust helps keep this area Beautiful

East Cooper Land Trust is a non-profit, community organization dedicated to conserving natural spaces in our area and improving the quality of life here. The organization also collaborates with the city and county to create more parks, trails, and gardens to support smart urban growth while preserving habitats for animals. 

They're also leading the way for the East Cooper Trail Project, which would make our entire city bikeable. YESSSS! While we already have many trails (and I love using them), they aren't as interconnected as they should or could be. 

Race for the cause: Race & Roast 5K Trail Run (March)
This race winds through historic Oakland Plantation and forest, and is followed by an oyster roast. Proceeds benefit the East Cooper Land Trust. 

Read my race recap
Donate to East Cooper Land Trust

2 - South Carolina Aquarium

We have an annual membership here and I'll continue to purchase one year after year as long as we live in Charleston. My son loves it, they have lots of events, and it's a good cause. The big focus of the South Carolina Aquarium is sea turtle rescue and they're getting ready to expand their sea turtle area this May. I can't wait to see it! 

The aquarium does so much good work to help our oceans and to save wildlife, plus they have fun events year-round. If you live in Charleston, a membership to the aquarium is totally worth it! 

sea turtle
Turtle Trek Sunset Beach Run 5k packet pickup on isle of palms

Turtle Trek Sunset Beach Run 5k packet pickup on isle of palms

Race for the cause: South Carolina Turtle Trek 5K Sunset Beach Run (September)
Prior to the race, there's a beach clean-up. There's also a kids fun run, dogs and strollers are allowed, and the post-race party is on the beach at the Windjammer on Isle of Palms. Proceeds benefit the South Carolina Aquarium.

(I ran this last year, but haven't written a recap - it was the race that ended in an asthma attack so bad I needed medical help in the ambulance.)

Donate to the South Carolina Aquarium
Adopt an animal

Shop for the cause

I'm a jewelry junkie. I love it, I make it, I buy it. Here are three of my favorites that give back to our planet. 

3 - 4Ocean

4Ocean conducts ocean and offshore cleanups. They also sell bracelets made of recycled material and for each bracelet purchase, 1 pound of trash is removed from the ocean. You can buy their regular ocean bracelet or their special edition green Earth Day bracelet (only available until April 23, 2017). 

4Ocean Bracelet

I recently became an ambassador for 4Ocean, which means I'll hopefully be working with a local business to organize a beach cleanup on Isle of Palms or Sullivan's Island soon (stay tuned for details coming on that). Note: although I'm an ambassador, I don't receive any payment if you purchase a bracelet. I'm just here for the beach cleanups.

Image Via Lokai

Image Via Lokai

Lokai makes bracelets, lights, and water bottles, and donates to various causes. For Earth Day, they created a limited edition green bracelet and for every bracelet sold they'll plant one tree through the Nature Conservancy. Sales for the green bracelet end on May 17, 2017. 

Image via Sand Cloud

Image via Sand Cloud

Maker of cozy beach towels and blankets, Sand Cloud also has whale tail and sea turtle necklaces in sterling silver or rose gold. Like all of their other products, a portion of the sale goes back to preserving marine life

I'm a Sand Cloud ambassador. Use the code ChristineE25 to get 25% off your purchase. 

So happy Earth Day everyone! But really every day should be earth day, right? And we should do everything we can to take care of this wonderful, weird, beautiful planet we call home. 

Weekly recap (4/10-4/16): 5 days!

You guys, I ran 5 times this week! I have no idea when the last time I did that was, but probably over a year ago. And I've never been a regular 5-days-a-week runner. Normally, I max out at 4 days, but I'm trying to get into the 5 day a week habit, and this week was a great start!

And - and! - one of those run days was a speed session. It's been months (maybe more than a year) since I did one of those. And my weekly mileage was over 20 miles. It's been months since that happened, too. 

It was, in short, a good week (for running at least). After two years of awful, awful running (that got worse and worse) because of being sick , it was nice to be out there without having asthma attacks or feeling like my legs had bowling balls attached to them. 

I also posted about my recent experience with low iron and Vitamin D deficiencies. Check it out if you missed it. 

weekly workouts

Workout summary

  • Monday: Bike ride - 4 miles
  • Tuesday:  Run - 4.16 miles (8:40 pace)
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Run - Speedwork 5.01 miles (9:01 pace - .4 miles fast, recovery, repeat 5 times)
  • Friday: Run - 3.16 miles (8:43 pace) + 4 mile bike ride
  • Saturday: Run - 3 miles (9:27 pace) + 9 mile bike ride
  • Sunday: Run - 6.02 miles  (9:16 pace) + 1.5 mile bike ride

Yoga/barre: 0
Runs: 5 (!!!!!)
Bike: 4
Total miles:  21.35 miles
Total workouts: 9

The week in workouts

Tuesday I set out for an easy run and ended up with just over 4 miles and negative splits - 9:12, 8:58, 8:09, 7:48 (last .16). To say I was pleased after the awfulness I've been through is an understatement. 

Thursday was my speedwork session and after Tuesday's run, I was feeling a little more confident. However, the weather was ridiculous. 80 degrees, sunny, humid. Welcome back to speedwork. Anyway, the workout was .4 miles fast (6:45 as the target pace) and recovery pace on the rest of the mile, repeat 5 times. I missed my target pace and my recoveries were slogs, but considering the heat and that it was my first speed session in a really long time (and after going through sickness), I was happy. 

Friday was another short, negative split run - 3.16 miles and splits at 9:10, 8:50, 8:12, 7:29 (last .16). And it was hot again, so I was happy with those paces.

And, I'm back in my Brooks Launches again. It's been a long time since I wore those. With all of the aches and pains I was dealing with, the Launches just weren't working for me. I'm glad to be back in them! 

Back in my Brooks Launches!

Back in my Brooks Launches!

Saturday I met up with a friend and we ran 3 miles together and then breakfast/brunch smoothies afterwards. It's always nice to change things up by running with someone else. 

Sunday my schedule called for a "long" run of 6 miles. By the time I managed to get out on the road, it was already hot, the humidity was soaring, and it was sunny. Thank goodness for a light breeze. That at least helped a little.

D came along again this week on his bike with B in the trailer. Company and conversation makes those hot, long runs much more tolerable. Plus, he can bring extra water along. It wasn't my speediest run, but considering the workouts preceding it (speedwork Thursday, run + bike Friday, run + bike Saturday), I think it was pretty decent, and I still felt good out there (other than boiling in my own sweat). 

I'm so happy with this week's workouts, even though I did miss barre and yoga. I'll figure out how to get things balanced soon, but right now I'm glad to be rebuilding with running.

This week's life highlights (and lowlights) 

Poor Meadow continues to have random issues. In addition to going through treatment for nasal cancer (and currently in remission), then fighting back from the sibling rivalry Christmas Eve spat, this week she had surgery for a mammary tumor. We're hoping the pathology report comes back benign.

The good news is, she seems to be feeling great. She's bright eyed, hungry (always hungry!), and running around like normal. She's such a sweet little dog and it breaks my heart that she's had such a rough time. 

meadow beagle

Our Easter weekend was relaxing and low key. We didn't have any family in town, so we didn't do anything special other than give B an Easter basket and dye some Easter eggs.

We spent time outdoors by the water and on Sunday we headed to the South Carolina Aquarium. We have an annual membership and it's totally worth it since B regularly asks to see the sharks, otters, and sea turtles. He loves it there!

family fun
sea turtle
This veiw

This veiw

This week was rough for me since D was out of town and B has been a bit of a terror at bedtime. It takes several hours to get him down and by the time I'm done, I'm exhausted myself. It left little time for relaxing or doing things other than work (which also continues to be extremely busy). 

Next week, I'm hoping to get in those 5 runs again, but I also to squeeze in at least one, maybe two, barre or yoga classes. 

Overall? A good week for workouts. A little bit on the stressful side for life in general. But that's life, right? 

How was your week?

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