Weekly Recap: Training Reboot Week 4 (4/16-4/22)

weekly recap

Cutback week

So last week was a little weird.

I expected it to be a bit off schedule because I'm traveling for work from Sunday, April 22 through the 27th, and my flight left way too early on Sunday morning for me to get in my long run. I was hoping to do it earlier in the week, but my schedule just didn't work this week with that. I had too much day job/work travel prep to get done, plus I have a freelance project that is still in progress and taking longer than I anticipated (and really stretching my time very thin right now). And D was traveling most of the week.

So. There's that. 

I did get in 3 runs. No strength workouts, no yoga. And all of my runs were short. Not ideal. It's okay though, after several weeks of ramping up my mileage, it's probably a good break for my body (although a little bit more of a break than I wanted). 

I also had some allergy stuff going on, too. I was super congested all week and didn't feel great. I haven't had that issue since I started allergy shots, but it also made me tired. 

Before going into my workout details, here's what I posted last week on the blog:

  • Dream Day - Seriously, I can dream about the perfect day even if it probably will never happen, right?
  • Fall 2018 Race Planning - Yes! I'm planning races again for the first time in a long time!

Workout Summary

Monday Off
Tuesday Run: 3 miles easy
Wednesday Off/sports massage
Thursday Run: 3 miles easy
Friday Off
Saturday Run: Run for Adela 5K
Sunday Travel day
Totals 3 runs/9 miles


I used to be part of the "Never Miss a Monday" crowd, but lately because Mondays tend to be pretty busy with work, I find that Monday as a rest day fits my schedule better most weeks. So I missed Monday.  


I targeted Tuesday for my long run, which was supposed to be 8 miles again this week. But the only thing I had time for was squeezing in a quick 3-miler. I had some random piriformis discomfort, so as soon as I got home, I scheduled a massage for the following day. I do not want that injury to come back. Ever.  


Since I had that weird piriformis discomfort on Tuesday, I thought it was best to take a rest day. It would have been nice to go to yoga, but the class time didn't fit my schedule for the day with also getting a massage in the late afternoon. 

In other news, Wednesday was supposed to be Meadow Beagle's bi-annual checkup with her oncologist. I couldn't bring myself to take the appointment off my calendar, so I got a notification when it was time to leave, and consequently spent the whole day sad that I wasn't making the trek to Columbia, SC with my little road dog. I miss that beagle so much every single day. 

 Sweet Meadow riding Shotgun on her way to the oncologist for Treatment back in 2016

Sweet Meadow riding Shotgun on her way to the oncologist for Treatment back in 2016


Thursday it was 80 degrees during my run (finally). I was tired and a bit sore from the massage the prior day, but the piriformis discomfort was gone. I was  really congested and a little bit wheezy on Thursday, so I spent some quality time with my nebulizer. Fun. 

Thursday night I didn't go to F45 because I had an event to go to in the evening and the timing just didn't work. But I did end my night with this view:

 Shem Creek in mount pleasant, SC

Shem Creek in mount pleasant, SC


Because I had a race on Saturday and I had been feeling kind of weird all week, I took Friday as a rest day. My plans for the race were to just run whatever pace felt comfortable, but on the faster side of comfortable (if that makes sense). There's no all-out racing (or really even tempo-ing) for me right now. I just wanted to get back into the feel of racing in general. 


I ran the Run for Adela 5K Beach Run. I was tired, my legs were still kind of sore from the massage and I had weird, stabbing hamstring pain that start almost right from the start and continued the entire time (totally inexplicable, unless it was leftover soreness from the massage?). But in any case, I accomplished what I set out to accomplish: run a race and remember what the experience feels like even if at a regular run pace.

 Run for adela 5k

Run for adela 5k

I'll post a full recap later, but I'm happy with this run. I ran negative splits, even if I wasn't fast, and I felt good the whole time (other than just being generally tired from what an allergy flare up and the sore muscles from the massage). I didn't have the weird heavy feeling I've had for so long in my body and my legs. I'll call that a success, no matter what the pace! Now maybe I can start pushing ever so slightly in upcoming races as I build up to my fall goals.


This was a travel day for me, and I had to be at the airport at 4:30 a.m. As you're reading this, I'm probably already in Southern California for my work trip. 

Speaking of that work trip, I'm going to try to get in at least two runs while I'm there. Hills, people! There are hills in California. And I love hills, so I'm going to take advantage of that (I hope). 

How was your week? Do you work out when you travel? 


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Dream Day

Blog - Dream Day.png

Anyone else with me here?

It's been a day, a week, a month, a year. As a mom, as a woman, I often feel incredibly overloaded with actual work plus the mental load of managing life and raising a tiny human. The work is endless, the job never stops, the toddler sometimes sleeps, and I do what I have to do to make sure everything and everyone keeps going (including myself).

But sometimes I'd just rather be on the beach drinking frozen beverages instead of adulting, even if it's just for one afternoon. 

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Fall 2018 Race Planning

fall 2018 race planning

Now that I'm back on the road and hopefully the injuries and illness of the past few years are behind me, I'm starting to think about an actual race schedule that may include...a marathon. 

This may be completely crazy of me, but I wouldn't run said marathon until 2019. And I won't make a decision on it until I see how base building for my half marathon fall training cycle goes, so that's August(ish). 

The loose plan (because we all know what happens with plans around here)

  1. Train for a goal half marathon in December (Wilmington Historic Half)
  2. Monitor my training to determine when a marathon will fit (i.e., do I run the half as part of training and run the marathon sooner, or do I run the half and then roll into marathon training after that?)
  3. Possibly run either a February or March marathon

Any later than March and it's just going to be too hot here in the South to attempt a marathon. I'd really prefer February, but we'll see how training goes.

Based on that, here's how my race schedule will shake out:

  • Run a bunch of 5Ks, a few 10Ks, and a test half marathon on my way to the goal half marathon
  • Goal race: Wilmington Historic Half Marathon - December 2, 2018
  • Marathon possibilities: Run Oak Island (Feb), Myrtle Beach Marathon (March), Palmetto Bluff Marathon (March)

Fall 2018 race schedule

While I'm only registered for the two December half marathons at this point, I'm really feeling like I need a test half marathon before the goal one.

It's been so long since I've raced a half (and not slogged it or paced someone else) that I feel like I need to remember how to race one, even if it's a training race and not an all-out goal race.

The timing of the Myrtle Beach Mini seems perfect for that. Plus there's a 5K and 1-mile dog dash the day before. It would be fun to do those, too (including the 1 miler with Macy Dog). That race is my current PR and the course is a pretty decent course. I doubt I'll PR on it this year, but at least it's familiar.

This is how it looks like my fall race schedule will shake out based on that goal half marathon:

  • September 3 - LABOR DAY 5K
  • September tbd - TURTLE TREK 5K (beach race) 
  • September 15 - BOHICKET MARINA 10K
  • October 20 - COASTAL 5K and 1-MILE DOGGIE DASH
  • October 21 - MYRTLE BEACH MINI (HALF) MARATHON (test race)
  • November 10 - SUMMERVILLE SWEET TEA 10K
  • December 2 - WILMINGTON HISTORIC HALF MARATHON (goal race)
  • December 8 - KIAWAH ISLAND HALF MARATHON (pacing a friend)

So all of that means, the rest of my year breaks into the following training chunks:

  • May through July - continue to base build and run some races just for the fun of it - no goals (because hot, humid, summer, Charleston) - and to remember what racing feels like
  • August - Begin ramping up training for the Myrtle Beach distance as my test race
  • October - December - Train for goal race and if I'm doing a marathon in February calculate that into my fall training

I have to say, it feels awesome to be planning races again and possibly thinking about PRs. I don't think any PRs will happen until close to the end of the year, but in the meantime, I'll get in plenty of practice. And at this point, I'm not sure what specific time goal I'll set for PRs - they could be big, since I've been sick for so long, or they could be small because that's just the way it rolls sometimes. In any case, I'm glad to be back!

Have you started planning any fall races yet?