Weekly Recap: Training Reboot Week 16 (7/9-7/15)

weekly workouts

humidity highway

I spent this week feeling like I was swimming instead of running. The humidity (and dew points) are off the charts. While it's not been too terribly hot on my runs (with the exception of Sunday) at only about 80 degrees (I got out before the triple digit heat indexes hit), the humidity has been 100% (or close to 100) and the dew points consistently at 78 or 79. That makes for some pretty gross running conditions.

Before I get into more details, here's what you missed on the blog - I'm turning 39 soon and I posted a 40 Before 40 list, which you can check out here: 40 Before 40

Workout Summary

Monday Off
Tuesday Run: 6 miles at 8:48 pace
Wednesday Off
Thursday F45
Friday Run: 3 miles at 8:32 pace
Saturday Run: 6 miles at 9:16 pace
Sunday Run: 8 miles at 9:31 pace
Totals 4 runs/23 miles
Total workouts: 5

In spite of the raging humidity and dew points, most of my runs this week weren't half bad. I struggled a little on Saturday because I was dehydrated from the prior night's activities, which included a wine tasting and an apricot-ginger mule. So yeah, about 2 drinks was enough to dehydrate me in this weather. 

And Sunday was just a slogfest since the heat index was well into the 90s during my run and the humidity was out of control. 

But, I still hit some solid paces and runs last week, especially considering the weather, and I've definitely got a better gauge of progress at this point. When I have slower or harder runs (like Sunday), I can safely say it's not me, it's the weather.

I also think it's my (lack of) fueling strategy. I'm just not getting enough electrolytes to keep my energy up when it's super humid, so I'm looking at some options. Right now I use Skratch (powder in water) and Kramp Crushers, but I just don't think those are enough. I think I can continue with Skratch but I'm also pretty sure I need a huge salt lick or something. 

So anyway, speaking of salt - post-run on Sunday I had the most delicious plate of salty, briny oysters at Nico, a raw bar and seafood restaurant, with some friends. Oysters are seriously my favorite. I could eat them by the buckets (and I do during oyster roast season). Are these acceptable running fuel?

 Salty, oyster deliciousness

Salty, oyster deliciousness

How do you handle the heat? Any suggestions for salt-type electrolyte replacements?


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40 Before 40

40 before 40

A new project 

I'm turning 39 in the beginning of August, and I'm not entirely sure how that happened! I've been so busy enjoying life and accomplishing things that the years have flown by. 

I'm in a decent place at the moment. Everything that I set out to accomplish 10 years ago, I've accomplished. I have my own business, I have a successful (and interesting) career, I finished grad school and received an MFA, I moved out of Pennsylvania, I live at the beach, I got myself into better shape than I've been since high school, I've run a bunch of races (including a marathon), and I even got a little more than I planned for with my sweet, spunky 4-year old son.

remember when you wanted everything you currently have

Of course, since I accomplished those things I have a whole new set of goals. Because I'm never finished and life is always evolving. 

But this post isn't about those big goals. I'm working on them, you can be sure of that, but most aren't the type of goals that I'll accomplish in one year. And I've also done a big "number before age" list before. 

This time is different. This time I'm less focused on accomplishment and more on enjoyment (in fact, I've already done most of the things on this list many, many times). This post - and this list - are about the little things. The things not related to my career or money. The things we miss when we're consumed by the busy-ness of the big things. But those little things are often the things that create the biggest memories, right? 

 Background photo by melissa Griffin Photography

Background photo by melissa Griffin Photography

This list includes lots of beach activities, art, and family, and nothing about my career, monetary goals, or racing PRs. 40 is a transition, for sure. Time flies. But I'm hoping that some of these goals will help me slow it down, at least for a few moments.

So here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Watch a sunset at the beach with my family
  2. Catch fireflies with my son
  3. Play in the sprinkler (or the rain)
  4. Make sand angels
  5. Build a sandcastle
  6. Beachcomb for shells on a Saturday morning
  7. Make art with a sand casting kit from the beachcombing findings
  8. Go kayaking at a lake
  9. Read a book that makes me cry
  10. Read a book that makes me laugh
  11. Read a book that teaches me something new
  12. Make a fluid acrylic painting
  13. Tie-dye pillow cases and t-shirts
  14. Run a race with my son
  15. Make paw print watercolors with my dogs (I did this for Meadow and I'm so glad I have it)
  16. Visit a new-to-me city
  17. Paddle surf in the ocean
  18. Visit a place in the Charleston area I haven't been to yet
  19. Print and hang family pictures on our walls (they aren't meant to be stored on a computer somewhere!)
  20. Play mini golf
  21. Make s'mores over a camp fire
  22. Go on a hayride
  23. Paint pumpkins
  24. Take my dogs to the beach
  25. Take my dogs on vacation
  26. See a play or musical
  27. Make some kind of Christmas craft (like the dinosaur ornaments I started last year and didn't finish)
  28. Bake Christmas cookies with my son
  29. Take my son to see The Nutcracker
  30. Have a backyard glowstick (or sparkler party) with the family
  31. Go to a baseball game
  32. Ride a rollercoaster (or a ferris wheel)
  33. Make friendship bracelets and/or other jewelry with beachcombing finds
  34. Go on a whale watching tour
  35. Crack open "the good wine" for no good reason
  36. Paint my nails (seriously, I haven't painted my finger nails since before B was born)
  37. Conduct a fun science experiment with my son
  38. Go on a waterslide
  39. Play "Clue" and "Monopoly"
  40. Take more pictures with the good camera (my DSLR that replaced my sad, old one) - I have to capture all of these memories, right?

Basically this list is about stepping back from the business of busy-ness, focusing on people over paychecks, and living more, loving more, and worrying less. And, yes, I know this post (and specifically, this paragraph) is filled with clichés, but I'm approaching a milestone birthday. Clichés are allowed, right?

Have you ever made a list before a milestone birthday? What did you include?

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Weekly Recap: Training Reboot Week 15 (7/2-7/8)

weekly recap 7/2-7/8

Off-Schedule but Chugging along

Weeks where a holiday happens in the middle just throw me off, so last week with the 4th on a Wednesday, I wasn't sure which way was up most of the week. Plus I also took Friday off because my mom came into town. So I was all confused all week. I still managed some solid workouts in spite of my wonky schedule.

But before I jump into my week - in case you missed it, here is last week's other blog post (I'm still catching up!):

Recent Snapshots: Family Photos

Workout Summary

Monday Off
Tuesday Off
Wednesday Run: 4 miles at 8:53 pace
Thursday F45
Friday Run: 3 miles at 8:12 pace
Lots of swimming in the pool and ocean
Saturday Off
Sunday Run: 7 miles at 8:56 pace
Totals 3 runs/14 miles
Total workouts: 4 (plus all of the swimming)

Since my mom visited over the long weekend, we spent a ton of time swimming, both in the pool and the ocean. The ocean water is perfect for swimming right now! The waves are small and the water is warm. It's also good for paddleboarding.



 Pool time

Pool time

I planned to run on Saturday, but was tired from the day before (so much time in the water) and my left achilles was tight and sore (I need to get to Stretch Zone and get a massage soon!), so I skipped my run. 

In general, running was better this week with a few days of cooler temps (80 on Friday and 70 on Sunday) during my runs. Because of that, I found that my easy pace picked up a bit. All of this summer slogging is definitely paying off! I'm pretty happy to be seeing some progress, and I'm fairly certain this is the most, and the most consistent, progress I've seen since 2015. 

So in spite of a few missed workouts, things continue to go well with this training reboot. Sure, I get off schedule sometimes, but it's summer and I'm not specifically training for anything yet. As long as I maintain my current base (which I am), I'll be ready to go at the end of August. 

In other news...

I've had a somewhat successful week in work and creativity. I picked up a new freelance client in the health and wellness space (my favorite!), and I'll be live as a mentor on a career and user experience site soon as well (just have to send in all of my files to get my profile live). That's in addition to the mentoring work I already do on my own and through Springboard.

I also decided it's high time I get a new DSLR camera. I used to do a ton of volunteer photography for animal rescues before my son was born, as well as other types of product photography. But my camera is now so old and used that my iPhone camera is better than it. Not awesome.

Last week, a local rescue organization contacted me to take pictures of their dogs, so I took that as a sign that I finally needed to get back into photography. So, I finally bought a new camera this week (next up - a waterproof one so I can get cool pics in the ocean).  

In the past month, I've kickstarted getting back into jewelry design with a formal certificate program and now I'm moving back toward photography and volunteer work. Maybe I'll be able to rediscover my artistic side after all. I still have some other goals like getting better at watercolor, using alcohol ink and figuring out resin...but baby steps. I'm feeling good because I'm actually doing something instead of just thinking about it.

How was your week? Did you do anything fun for the 4th? What are your hobbies and passions (other than running, of course)?


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