July goals: Mid-month check in

Welp. Here we are at more than halfway through July. So, I thought I'd check in on my July goals to see how I'm doing. Also, I'll apologize ahead of time for some of the tech nerdery going on in this post. I can't help it. It's what I do all day at work. But maybe getting a glimpse into my work life is fun for some people.

july goals check-in

Anyway, here's where I'm at for July:

Lose 5 pounds

5 pounds gone. And I also lost 2% of  body fat as well. Thanks, Fitbit Aria scale for the info. Now maybe it's time to get rid of another 5. 

2 strength classes, 1 yoga, 5 runs per week

Eh. Not so great on this one. I'm giving myself some grace here, though. I've accomplished a lot of other things plus I still got in a bunch of workouts, even if they aren't the exact ones I planned.

Come August, it's go-time for really solid base building for about a month or so before ramping for fall (hopefully goal) races.

Drop our kayaks in the launch near our house and go for a paddle

Haven't done this yet. We'll see how the rest of the month goes. This one might be a rollover into August. 

Finish the first section of the class I'm taking

I did it! It took a lot of late nights (up way past my bedtime), but I finished the first section, which was technically 3 classes.

I finally got through some coding classes, coded a site from scratch in a few hours (even if it doesn't completely match my initial design - yet), brushed up on the Command Line and Git/GitHub and pushed my site to a code repo on GitHub. And then launched it as a page on GitHub. It's definitely a work-in-progress (including some copy clean up needs), but now I've got version control and code backup thanks to Git and GitHub!  

Two more sections of this program to go and then I'll be a development machine. Or at least the beginnings of one. Then I can move on to learning data science and industrial and environmental design. Yes!

I'm also taking a digital marketing class to brush up on all of that since it's changed a lot since I worked in marketing (and I find myself needing those skills now). Busy, yes. Diversifying, yes.

What my Sandbox GIthub site will eventually look like (at least the top part of it)

What my Sandbox GIthub site will eventually look like (at least the top part of it)


Finish my business plan and website for the new business I'm launching

This one morphed a little. Technically, there are two businesses - the one sort of launched itself (after years of hard work) and now I need to migrate it officially out of a sole proprietorship. The other business is still in the planning phase.

I'm doing okay on this goal, but may not have websites launched by the end of the month. I have some other things I need to do before launching the sites. 

So that's that. 2 goals down, 3 to go. Not too bad considering everything else I've been doing as well.

How is your July going?

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Weekly recap (7/10-7/16): Hot mess

And here we are at the end of another week. My week didn't go completely as planned (do they ever?). In fact, it was a bit a of a hot mess (literally, with 110 degree heat indexes and figuratively, with schedule nuttery). But considering the past several weeks of dealing with achilles and back issues, I think I did okay. I'm still perfectly on track to be able to start training for Kiawah in the fall.

As mentioned in my July Goals post, I'm continuing to make some progress on the non-running related goals, like finishing up my business plan, conducting market research, and getting a website ready for the user experience business I'm hoping to launch this fall. I'm unsure that the website will be fully ready by the end of this month, but the business plan and research should be. And I missed my 5 days of running goal this week, too. Oh well, we can't win 'em all. Onward. 

weekly recap

I've been meaning to change up my format for these weekly recap posts for a while, but I've been busy with other non-blog-related things (see: July goals). So anyway, this week I just decided to do it.

Using the new format, I'll post what I planned to do versus what actually happened. This should be good. My weekly workout chaos completely exposed for all to see. But hey, that's life as a mom who works full-time and juggles freelancing, blogging and workouts. Things have to stay flexible. 

So. Here we go. 


What I planned: Yin yoga
What happened: Yin yoga

Woohoo! Off to a good start for the week with some yin yoga. Normally on Mondays I try to do a HIIT workout, but I didn't plan one for this Monday because I still wanted to give my back a little extra rest. 

My new Hidrate Spark water bottle also arrived in the mail on Monday after I'd been waiting for it on backorder for about 2 months. This thing tracks my water intake and reminds me when I need to be drinking based on the weather/location, my activity level, and general stuff like age, height, and weight.

Yep, I have an inanimate object yelling at me to drink more. Hey, I already have one inanimate object (my Fitbit) that tells me to move more, why not add another? I need reminders. 

My bossy new water bottle

My bossy new water bottle

Anyway, this water bottle is supposed to do a little blinky celebratory light show when I hit my intake goal for the day. I say "supposed to" because I have yet to meet my goal, so this light show remains a mere fable to me at the moment. And here I thought I was doing well with water intake until I got this bottle.  


What I planned: HIIT workout at Journey + 4 mile run 
What happened: Nothing

My back was feeling a little wonky, so instead of pushing it, I slathered on some Icy Hot and sat around smelling like a tube of toothpaste. I also decided that I need a new desk chair. Right now I'm using a cushioned dining room chair and it just makes my back throb. If I relocate myself to the couch, it stops (thank goodness for working from home).

Speaking of work, I got completely sucked into the work vortex way early on Tuesday.I sat down at my desk at 6:30 a.m. and by the time I realized what happened, it was too late to even try to get some yoga in. Work win, activity fail.  


What I planned: HIIT workout at Journey, stretching at Stretch Zone, 3 mile run with friends 
What happened: Stretch Zone session + 3.06 mile run with friends

After looking at my work schedule for the day and remembering that my son had a dentist appointment in the late afternoon, I realized there was no way I was fitting in a HIIT workout, plus a lunch-time Stretch Zone session, plus an evening run. It just wasn't going to happen. So I dropped the HIIT workout, but went to the stretch session of pure awesomeness and then ran with my running group in the evening. 

Wednesday running group

Wednesday running group


What I planned: HIIT workout at Journey
What happened: HIIT workout at Journey

My coach reconfigured my schedule a bit since she still wants me to take it a bit easy. We still have plenty of time left in my schedule to get ready for Kiawah, so the extra bit of rest is okay. So instead of running like I normally would plus a strength workout on Thursday, I just did a strength workout at Journey. I didn't take a picture and post it on Instagram, like most of my other workouts, but I promise, it happened. 


What I planned: 4 mile run
What happened: 3.00 mile run @ 8:32 pace

I overslept (for the first time in 5 years or something) and didn't feel well, had to get some work projects updated and finished before heading to my own dentist appointment at lunch (apparently it was the week of dentist appointments - everyone did well - good teeth, no cavities). Then I had more work and I had to wrap up week one of a research study.

After work I had to get the dogs ready to go over to doggie day camp/boarding for the night since we were heading to Myrtle Beach for the day on Saturday. And I had to go to the store because we had no food. 

But after all of that fun (and dinner), I decided it felt cool enough to go for a run since the heat index was only 102 and the humidity had dropped to 67%. So I bargained with myself and said if I went for a run, I'd have some wine (in a can - classy). So I ran. It was just a short 3 miles, but it was better than sitting on my couch. 


What I planned: Nothing - day trip to Myrtle Beach
What happened: Nothing - day trip to Myrtle Beach

I had no workout planned and I did no workout, unless you count walking all over Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach. We visited the aquarium (of course), B built his own truck, and we checked out some of the other shops and activities. And that took up most of the day until early evening. 

Our day trip to myrtle beach

Our day trip to myrtle beach


What I planned: 5 mile run
What happened: 5.01 mile run @ 8:45 pace

The heat index during my Sunday run was only 85, so even though the humidity was an oppressive 95%, I still felt like it was a bit cooler outside and this run felt okay. If I'm feeling this good in this heat, I can't wait to see how I feel in the fall. 

Sunday afternoon, a friend and I went to Woodhouse Spa. D got me a gift certificate for there for our anniversary in December and I haven't been able to make it work with my schedule until now. And it's not for lack of trying. I had to cancel previous appointments because work or another appointment came up that was more important (someone in this house always has an appointment). But I finally made it there and had a relaxing Sunday afternoon! 

Our food spread pre-massage at Woodhouse

Our food spread pre-massage at Woodhouse

Last week's totals

Miles: 11.07 miles
Runs: 3
Strength: 1
Yoga: 1
Total workouts: 5

So the good news is, even though I didn't quite get in all of my workouts this week, both my back and achilles are feeling great. Now I just need to keep it that way. And I think I'm finally (finally!) ready to get back to my regularly scheduled programming. 

How was your week? How often do your weeks go as planned?  

weekly wrap

This week, I'm linking up with HoHoRuns and MissSippi Piddlin'  (and guest host, Janelle at Run with No Regrets) for their Weekly Wrap post.

Weekly recap (7/3-7/9): Recovery, rest, reset

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap and I hope everyone had a good 4th of July! I'm excited to be guest hosting for HoHoRuns and MissSippiPiddlin. I've enjoyed being a part of this linkup for several months now and I love reading all of the new blogs I've found through it. I hope to find some more this week!

If you want to know more about me, you can read that here (or you can read my running story). 

And please remember to comment on the hosts' blogs and then stop by and comment on as many of the other blogs as you can. Link up below this post. 


weekly recap july 3-9 - fireworks

Last week was my last week of rest and recovery from the achilles issue and the back pain flare up. I was a bit stiff early in the week, but by the end of the week, I felt back to normal and was fine with doing more normal(ish) workouts. 

As part of my rest, I avoided HIIT/strength workouts since those put a good amount of work on my back and I really wanted to rest that (backs are nothing to mess with!). Instead I did two yin yoga workouts. In place of two runs, I did two bike rides (one as a spinning class and one outdoors). And then I just did 3 very short, very easy runs, which really felt more like swims with the crazy humidity and 3-digit heat index. But at least I was pain free!

Workout summary

  • Monday: Yin yoga class
  • Tuesday:  Easy run - 3 miles
  • Wednesday: 6 mile bike ride (including some trails) 
  • Thursday: Easy run - 3.02 miles at 8:56 (first decent run since the back issue flare up)
  • Friday: Yin yoga class
  • Saturday: Spin class at Journey 
  • Sunday: Easy run - 3.01 miles @ 8:33

Last week's totals

Total miles: 9.03 miles
Total runs: 3
Total biking/spinning: 2
Total strength: 0
Total yoga: 2
Total workouts: 7

Tuesday was my first run back since the prior Wednesday. It was hot, my back was stiff, and generally slow but I wanted to at least try to run before all of our 4th of July festivities began. After my run, we headed to the pool and in the evening, we went to the aquarium (of course!) for a special 4th of July event. 

4th of July - Pool and fireworks over the Harbor at the South Carolina Aquarium (hey, look! I'm not in workout gear (dress by Billabong))

4th of July - Pool and fireworks over the Harbor at the South Carolina Aquarium (hey, look! I'm not in workout gear (dress by Billabong))

Thursday's run felt mostly normal, other than the shocking heat and humidity. It was so shocking that I had to walk a few times in the first mile, but once my body was used to it, my pace picked right back up. My splits for that run were 10:47, 8:36 and 7:48, so I was pleased with that especially given the last few weeks. 

Saturday, a friend and I met up and I did my second spin class ever. This one was way more enjoyable than the first because my back wasn't screaming in pain and I could actually get up off the seat and do the workout the right way. I really, really liked it and I'm definitely going to be incorporating spin into my workout schedule, probably not every week but when my schedule allows. 

So let's talk about my new workout obsession: Yin yoga. Have you ever tried this? It's amazing. It's more recovery than workout since you sit in each post for about 4 minutes and it helps get really deep into the muscles and release the fascia. While I love a good yoga power flow class, yin is a really great recovery to counterbalance the other workouts where I work out hard. 

little surfer boy

Over the weekend, we had family in town and we pretty much spent the entire time in the water. My kind of weekend!

On Saturday, we went downtown the Pineapple Fountain (a Charleston icon) and then to the beach. My little surfer boy beach bum stole one of his cousin's boards and wouldn't give it back. The little guy was a natural on a board and I'm sure we'll have him full-on surfing by the time he's 4. On Sunday, we spent several hours at the pool. Suntan game this weekend: strong (even though I used sunscreen).

Pineapple Fountain Fun

Pineapple Fountain Fun

And that was my week! Now that I'm rested and recovered, I'm ready to take on training again and get back to my rebuilding for fall training. 

So how was your week? Did you have a good 4th of July? Ever tried yin yoga?

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