Weekly Recap: Enjoying the Journey (1/28-2/3)

I’m training for absolutely nothing right now. Nothing. I have no set schedule (other than one that’s self-imposed), I have no idea when my next race will be, and I’m not exactly sure where I’m going. And I am thoroughly enjoying it.

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Hello, 2019!

Whew! It took me a while to get here.

After a full December of holiday celebrations, reflections, planning, loss, wallowing in nostalgia, and the last week of the year spent in Pennsylvania accomplishing absolutely nothing (except time with family and friends), I finally started to feel ready to dust myself off and head into this new year.

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Training Recap: Wilmington Historic Half Marathon

Well, here we are. Training is finished and the race is a few days away. Like every training cycle, things didn’t go according to plan. However, I got through the training - actual training, not some slog trying to masquerade as training. That’s a first in several years. And that alone is an accomplishment and something to celebrate.

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