Weekly recap (6/19-6/25): Rest for the weary

Okay, I'm not exactly weary, but last week was a rest week thanks to my still-sort-of-sore achilles.

It felt a lot better but my coach dialed my schedule back to just two short runs just to make sure it was okay. (This is why I have a coach. Left to my own devices, I would have been out there at least 4 days and may have injured myself.)

weekly recap

Workout summary

  • Monday: HIIT class at Journey
  • Tuesday:  Rest 
  • Wednesday: Easy run with friends - 3.07 miles @ 8:55 pace 
  • Thursday: Barre class
  • Friday: Rest - assisted stretch session at Stretch Zone
  • Saturday: Easy run - 3.01 miles @ 9:05 pace 
  • Sunday: Bike ride - 12 miles

Last week's totals

Total miles: 6.08 miles
Total runs: 2
Total bike: 1
Total strength: 2
Total workouts: 5

A few highlights from the week:

Highlight #1: After almost a year, I finally made my way back to Journey Cycling & Fitness for a HIIT class. I had intended to do two last week, but I had such crazy DOMS that I opted for just one. DOMS is what I get for skipping those strength workouts for far too long. Fortunately, I also did one yesterday (Monday) and I have no DOMS this time around, so my body adjusted quickly. 

Workout Style at Journey (Shirt: Puppies make me happy)

Workout Style at Journey (Shirt: Puppies make me happy)

But anyway, I love these classes. They're 45-50 minutes of interval training using body weight, kettle bells, TRX, bosu balls, and other weights. Love. Them. And looking back over my 5-year running history, my best running has always happened when I was also doing HIIT workouts regularly. 

Highlight #2: Running with my running group again! While I really like running alone, I also like to balance that out with at least one group run. And I've been lacking that for a long time. And we always hit up the bar afterwards for a cold beer and some good conversations. 

Colorful running shoes!

Colorful running shoes!

My achilles was fine during the run and just a bit sore afterward. I went home and foam rolled for a few minutes and it was fine after that. My DOMS, on the other hand, were still raging a bit and didn't subside until Thursday! 

Highlight #3: This is the biggest one (and a non-workout one) - I'm officially the mom of a threenager. My little guy turned three last week. I can't believe it. I'm not sure where the past three years have gone, but they disappeared quickly and along with them, so did my baby. He's so big now!

B's birthday cake

B's birthday cake

In the several weeks leading up to his birthday, he kept talking about how his birthday was coming up and he was going to be three. So of course, I shouldn't have been surprised when the first thing he said when he woke up on his birthday was "I'm three!" So cute!

On his birthday, he had fun at school in the splash pad and on his scooter for bike day. We picked him up early so he could come home and open his presents and eat his cake. 

Other than that, I had a fairly quiet week surviving the soupy Charleston summer air. I had my second session at the Stretch Zone and it was awesome. It's definitely helping keep my calves loose and my achilles pain-free. 

Sadly last week, I also found out that my favorite barre studio is closing the location close to my house. I'm so sad! The other locations are just too far for me to drive on a regular basis. I'll miss that studio and the instructors, but I'll try to make it to the other studios once in a while.

I'm hoping something cool comes into the location their closing (a yoga studio, maybe?) so I at least have something yoga or barre close to home so I can get those workouts in. 

And that's a wrap.

Coming up this week, I'm moving back up to 4 easy runs with a small speed test to see how my achilles does. After that, we'll get back to rebuilding. I'm glad my coach proceeded with caution instead of throwing me back into my schedule. I'd rather take it easy for a week or two than be sidelined for months. 

How was your week? 

weekly wrap

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Weekly recap (6/12-6/18): The weird weeks

Last week was a weird one. A good one, but still little weird since I was dealing with a sore achilles on my left ankle and running itself wasn't awesome.

Normally, I wouldn't be pleased with a week that had so little running, but I got ton of good workouts in and did a few runs with some new running friends. And that made it a success. 

weekly recap

Workout summary

  • Monday:
    • Strength training on a Juvo board (class)
    • Barre class
  • Tuesday:  Easy run - 5 miles 
  • Wednesday:
    • Yoga on a paddleboard
    • Easy run with friends - 3.06 miles @ 9:03 pace (achilles still sore, taking it easy)
  • Thursday: HIIT workout using FabFitFun TV
  • Friday: Rest - assisted stretch session at Stretch Zone
  • Saturday: Easy run with my running group - Almost 3 miles 
  • Sunday: Bike ride - 8 miles

Last week's totals

Total miles: 11.06 miles
Total runs: 3
Total strength: 4
Total bike: 1
Total workouts: 8

While I came up short on my runs and was really nursing my sore achilles to avoid a longterm injury, I got in lots of other workouts and I finally got back on a paddleboard. Yeehaw!

I also had some allergy issues this week. These allergy flare ups used to manifest themselves major congestion followed by a raging sinus infection and likely an upper respiratory infection. Now that I've been on allergy shots, it's much more manageable. Since all the chronic sinus inflammation is gone, everything now drains back my throat (yay?) and I end up coughing up phlegm for a few days (yay?).

But really, I'd rather be coughing that nasty stuff up and getting it out than having it clog up my sinuses. So that caused a bit of asthma trouble. Nothing major, and again, nothing like I've experienced prior to allergy shots, but enough for me to feel it when I was running and have to use my inhaler a little more frequently.

I did a double workout. I'm trying to get back to double workouts several days a week so I can get all of my strength work in as well as running and double workouts are the only way I can do that.  

In the morning, I went to a new gym in my city, Hylo Fitness and did a strength workout on a Juvo board. Juvo boards are sort of like indoor paddleboards and they make all the moves harder because you have to balance.

Monday's workouts

Monday's workouts

I loved the studio and I loved the class, but it's a bit far from my house to be practical on a regular basis. They need to open one up on my side town because if they did, I'd be there all the time. 

In the evening, I went to barre class. The double strength workout felt good and barre class always helps loosen up my tight muscles. 

Tuesday I did an easy 5-miler. It was grossly humid, but cool enough that it didn't feel awful. My achilles was really tight and sore so I wanted to avoid pushing too hard. I took this run really, really easy and walked when I needed to just to give my achilles a break. 

Another double workout day. I started the day with yoga on a paddleboard! The class is about 40 minutes of paddling and 20 minutes of yoga. 

I'm so glad to be back on a board and doing yoga outside on the water is the perfect way to start the day! My achilles was still sore, but it felt better after yoga and stretching. 

SUP Life - That's my husband - he came out for the class, too

SUP Life - That's my husband - he came out for the class, too

Wednesday evening, I met up with the local chapter of She Runs This Town/Moms Run This Town that I started. We had 7 people, which I thought was a good turnout for a new group, and we ran just over 3 miles.

We did our run in ridiculous heat (85 degrees) and humidity (90%) - at 7 pm. But at least we ended our run at a pub with some cold beers. I had some pain again during this run, but, it wasn't as bad as the prior few runs. 

I iced my achilles and foam rolled when I got home.

running friends

Even though this was a scheduled run day (speedwork), because of the achilles issue, I skipped running and did a FabFitFun TV HIIT workout video. 

I also spent some quality time with some ice and the foam roller to try to loosen up my calves and soothe my achilles.

Complete and total rest day! I went to Stretch Zone to try out their assisted stretching. They have a free 30-minute stretch session so you can try it out and I have been meaning to go but hadn't found the time. After this achilles trouble that I know is caused by my insanely tight calves, I decided to get in there. Oh holy wow, you guys, it was amazing.

stretch zone-mount pleasant

It was so good that even after one session, I'm no longer having pain where I didn't even know I was having pain before. I'm serious. I'll save the details for a full review later, but seriously, I feel better than I've felt in years. And this was just a demo session where they didn't even do everything they normally do!

I love barre, yoga, and the foam roller, but at this point I need some extra help to keep things in line. I signed up for a three month plan with them and I'll go once a week. I'm excited to see (and feel) the results.

I woke up with much looser calves on Saturday than I've had in months. I decided to give a short, easy run a go and see how I felt.

I met up with another runner from the running group for an easy run and we did just under 3 miles followed by smoothies. It was another super humid run, but the company made it so much better!

I had no pain in my achilles while I was running, but I did have a little bit afterward. I came home and used the foam roller for a few minutes and the pain was gone.

And I felt totally fine the rest of the day when we took B to swimming lessons (and I had to be in the pool with him) and then walked all over the South Carolina Aquarium. Yep, we were there again. 

Just keep swimming, little b!

Just keep swimming, little b!

PSST! There's An Octopus staring at you and she wants to play

PSST! There's An Octopus staring at you and she wants to play

I woke up on Sunday feeling even better than I had on Saturday (Stretch Zone for the win!), but I felt like I should give my achilles one more day of rest instead of risking a long run, so we did a family bike ride instead.

Then we celebrated Father's Day by going to the pool and attempting to see Cars 3. We didn't quite make it through the whole movie because B thought it was too loud, but we still had fun and seeing B's eyes get bigger and bigger when Lightning McQueen showed up on the big screen was awesome.

And that was my week - lots of workouts, but not a lot of miles. 

How was your week? Are you surviving the summer slogs through the humidity? Do you like to run with friends or alone? 

weekly wrap

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Weekly recap (6/5-6/11): Rain, rain

How is it possible that another week has flown by already? They get faster and faster each week, I'm sure of it. 

Anyway, this was just another week of chugging along and building my mileage back up through lots of rain.

The goal right now is to just keep my mileage steady, since I've built up to between 20 and 25 miles per week. Once half marathon training starts in August, I'll make some changes. Right now, it's just about staying consistent with miles and speedwork. 

weekly recap

Workout summary

  • Monday: Barre class
  • Tuesday:  Off
  • Wednesday: Easy run - 3.01 miles @ 8:27
  • Thursday:
    • Easy run - 5.02 miles @ 9:17 
    • Barre class
  • Friday: Easy run - 3.01 miles @ 8:52
  • Saturday: Easy run - 3 miles 
  • Sunday:
    • Long run - 6 miles
    • Bike ride - 3 miles

Last week's totals

Total miles: 20.04 miles
Total runs: 5
Total bike: 1
Total barre/yoga: 2
Total workouts: 8

Early in the week, I had some issues with migraines going on, so that messed up my schedule a little. I didn't run at all on Tuesday because I just didn't feel good enough. 

But even though my schedule wasn't perfect, I still got in 5 runs and 2 barre workouts (yay!). Two of those runs were in torrential downpours since we didn't see the sun this week until Friday. 

rainy run
rainy run

By Wednesday, the headaches were gone and I was feeling good. I did an easy 3 with some nice, negative splits - 9:07, 8:30, 7:48. This didn't feel like speedwork, but I'm thinking at the moment, I probably shouldn't make a regular habit of running sub-8s even if it feels easy at the time. I don't need to be going too fast toon soon and risk injury. 

Thursday was supposed to be hill work, but it was raining and the grassy hill I planned to use for my hill sprints was way too slippery and muddy for that to be safe. So I just ran outside in the rain. That run had all of the weather, though - it was chilly and rainy, but so humid and by the end my run, the sun was out. Charleston weather is crazy. I also got in barre class #2 on Thursday evening. 

Friday and Saturday were both just easy runs. Not much to say, not much to see.

On Sunday, I cut my long run short from 8 miles to 6 because my left achilles was really tight and bothering me. I did a run/walk for that run as well. There is zero need for me to be pushing myself like a nut at the moment. I'm not training for anything specific and I'm trying to rebuild so I'm ready for fall.

The good news for Sunday is it was hot and humid - 83 degrees, 75% humidity and a dewpoint of 71, just the kind of weather that sets off my asthma, but I felt awesome. I felt even better than I felt a few weeks ago. I think the allergy shots have yet again moved my breathing up to the next level. Which begs the question - how good is it going to get? And oh wow - it was so, so, so, so bad before. I had no idea.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have had allergy shots years ago. On Sunday, my run pace was around an 8:15 and that felt easy with the walk breaks in there. I can't wait to see how I am when fall rolls around!

And that was my week in workouts. 

Looking back over my training, this is my highest consistent weekly mileage, speedwork, and overall training since Myrtle Beach Mini training back in 2015. And even then, I was only running 4 days a week. This is the first time ever that I've run 5 days a week regularly - ever, since I started running. I think out of the past 8 weeks or so, I've run 5 times a week 6 of those weeks and one week I ran 6 times. I think it's also probably the most consistent I've been with speedwork, too (even though I missed this week). 

Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons

Like most weeks, this week went by so fast, I'm not even sure what happened. I got a lot of work done - both for the day job and for a freelance project I'm working on, so there's that. At least my busy-ness resulted in something. 

Over the weekend, we start B with swimming lessons. He loves water - being on a boat, getting in the ocean, going to the pool, but he doesn't know how to swim yet, which is bad. I should have started him sooner, but time flies.

So anyway, we started this past weekend. It didn't go so well. He had a scare a few weeks ago at the pool where he went down a slide and fell face first into the water. Ever since then, he's scared when his feet can't touch the bottom (even though his feet touched the bottom when he went down the slide). He's never been scared of that before, but now he is and it's going to take some serious work and probably some private lessons to get him past that. But he loves water so much (other than that!) that I want him to get over this and swimming is a life skill, especially when you live at the beach. 

Saturday night a friend and I had a girls night out and had dinner and saw Wonder Woman. Ladies, run - don't walk - to see this movie. It's awesome and we finally have our super hero in a genre that's mostly dominated by men. It's about time. Side note: at dinner, I totally got mistaken for Blake Lively (laughs for days) - the hostesses were freaking out because I was standing outside waiting for my friend and they thought I was Blake (hahaha!). But still, I'll take the compliment. 

And that's wrap. 

How was your week? Ever been mistaken for a celebrity before? If so, who?

And before you go, don't forget to check out my review of tasc Performance activewear and get a 20% discount. 

weekly wrap

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