Weekly Workouts: Kiawah Marathon Training Week 11 (10/19-10/25)

This week was all about easing back in after my half marathon PR on Sunday. I didn't do any speedwork this week and I kept my strength work light, with just one barre class on Saturday morning. I wanted to make sure I felt fully recovering before jumping right back on the horse and I just didn't feel ready to do speedwork or conditioning workouts yet this week.


Workout summary:

  • Monday: OFF
  • Tuesday:  Easy run - 3.08 miles (8:42 pace)
  • Wednesday: Easy run - 7.03 miles (8:52 pace)
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: Easy run - 7.05 miles (8:39 pace)
  • Saturday:  Barre class at Journey
  • Sunday:
    • Long run (easy) - 14.01 miles (9:21 pace)
    • Easy family bike ride (and I mean easy - sometimes I run faster than we biked) - 3 miles

Total miles:  Run -  31.62 miles / Total runs: 4 / Total core workouts: 1 / Total strength/conditioning workouts: 0 / Total crosstraining: 1

Despite my lack of speed and strength work, it was still a good week! My easy paced dropped with the nicer fall temps, and Sunday I ran the longest run I've run since August 2013 (so, pre-pregnancy and pre-baby). It was a little hotter and more humid than I expected it to be on Sunday, and I ran out of water, which wasn't great. I should have gone out earlier, but I got it done. It wasn't my prettiest long run ever, but I know the heat had some bearing on that. Next week, I've got 16 miles on the schedule for my long run, and it looks like I'll have cooler temps as well.  

The good news this week is that I've gotten 5 solid nights of sleep in a row and so has Little B! Everyone is well-rested and it's been wonderful. I think the tooth finally broke through, so we have a little break until the next round of teething with him. Poor little guy. 

And that's a wrap on week 11. Just 6 weeks out from marathon week and I'm feeling good!