Mission complete: Blog redesign (phase 1)

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on redesigning my blog and migrating it from Blogger over to Squarespace. And today, I'm unveiling it. What you see today is Phase 1, which was essentially content refinement and migration, plus the new look and feel. I've got several more phases planned over the next several months where I'll be refining the design, adding more content, and a few other additions in the later phases. 

But first, a few housekeeping items...

If you were a previous blog subscriber, you'll need to re-subscribe to my new RSS feed (sorry!). I couldn't get the old one transferred, so I had to set up a new one. You can subscribe here. You can also follow me on Bloglovin'. If you weren't a subscriber before, consider this your formal invitation to subscribe now. 

I also lost a few comments in the migration and the formatting and text wrapping of photos in old posts is a little weird because of the fixed width they were set to in Blogger. Maybe someday if I have time, I'll update those (ha!). But at least going forward, image formats will be clean and responsive.

There are also still a few content updates I need to tweak, like linking up all of my race recap posts. But otherwise, things should be working just fine around here. 

Overall, I'm loving my new Squarespace-hosted site and I'm looking forward to refining my blog design even further. 

And now back to your regularly scheduled running programming.