Weekly workouts (7/13-7/19): Beat the Heat and 10K training (week 9)

Illness, injury, exhaustion, oh my!

So last week wasn't awesome. After a stellar week the prior week, I took a nosedive and only ran 1 mile last week. Yikes. 

First I had a sinus infection, then I strained my right quad at the track on Tuesday night. I got a warmup in and then on my very first step of speedwork (200s), I felt a pull in my quad. I tried to run it out, but after three 200s at a painfully slow 7:15/mile pace plus even slower recoveries, I called it a night. I tweaked my quad the previous day while climbing over a footstool and slamming my knee into the hard corner of the couch (we have a one year old, our house is an obstacle course), but didn't really think it was a big deal until I tried to run fast. Even jogging for my warmup didn't bother me, but that first fast step...oh, hell no! And then it hurt for a few days thereafter.


Fortunately, it was a very, very mild strain and two days of ice and a week of no running seems to have cleared it up. I was able to do two SUP workouts, but had to modify some of the core exercises on Thursday because my quad was angry. I ran my first run last night since the fateful speedwork session and felt fine, so hopefully I'm all healed for this 10K on Saturday. 

In addition to the sinus infection, little B got a cold and brought it home to me. So he was sick, I was sick, and he did. not. sleep. So, we were all super sleep deprived, too. Just not a great week. But really, I think my body needed the break. I felt so refreshed at last night's workout. 

Sometimes we runners have stubborn souls (or soles?) and we only take a break when forced to by illness or injury. But this was a good reminder for me that sometimes a week or two off is just what my body needs to perform better. The injury, which was thankfully very mild and could have been much worse, also reminded me that I absolutely need to be doing yoga/pilates/flow work regularly. So, I signed up for a yoga SUP class in addition to my regular paddle and core workout sessions. 

7/3-7/19 workouts:

  • Monday: OFF
  • Tuesday: 
    • AM: Paddleboarding 30 minute paddle, 30 minute core workout on the board)
    • PM: Track Tuesday - 1 mile (warm-up plus 3 x 200s) then quad strain (gross)
  • Wednesday: OFF/icing my quad/rest
  • Thursday: Paddleboarding (30 minute paddle, 30 minute core workout on the board) 
  • Friday: OFF
  • Saturday: OFF
  • Sunday: OFF

Total miles:  1 mile / Total runs: 1 / Total core/strength workouts: 2 / Total crosstraining: 2 

And so this summer's Beat the Heat training went out with a sputter, but I still feel like my running has improved a lot and I'm sure I'll see the payoff in the fall. After Saturday's 10K (which I plan to again use as a tempo run because it's on the beach in July in Charleston and I'm coming off illness and injury), I'm taking a few weeks of easy running and low mileage before leaping into fall half marathon training. Myrtle Beach Mini, here I come!