Weekly workouts: 7/26-8/2 (vacation in PA!)


Last week was a much, much, much (muchmuchmuchmuchMUCH) needed break from the oppressive heat and humidity here in Charleston. After a did not (officially) finish at the IOP 10K (more on that in a later recap post), and getting discouraged on every run because I'm so dang slow right now and it feels like a major effort, plus coming off a mild injury and a week and a half of illness (thanks, daycare!), I really needed a break. I also needed the reminder that I'm not, in fact, getting slower. I'm just running my first full summer in Charleston and I'm not exactly acclimated yet.

I remember struggling similarly in Charlotte when I moved there from Pennsylvania and it took me until my second summer there to really acclimate. And even though I was here last summer, I had stopped running by the time it got humid and then started again at the end of July and was a turtle just because of the running break and pregnancy, so no comparisons there with this year (I'm definitely much faster now than I was then!). 


In PA, my paces for the short, easy (and hilly) runs I did were much faster than easy runs - if there even is such a thing as an easy run in the summer in Charleston - here. In fact, I looked down at several points and saw high 7s as my paces in the second half of my runs after I was warmed up. I wish I had had time to run longer runs, but I ran what I had time for and at least I got a few in. It was still humid up there, but nothing (nothing!) like down here. Here the air feels like you're breathing pudding through a straw. The air was thinner there and I could get it into my lungs without a fight. 

Since I didn't have my regular paddleboarding workouts, I tried out Move It Studio, a new barre, pilates and dance studio in downtown Lancaster. I loved it! I used to do Pure Barre two or three times a week, and I really liked that, but I liked Move It Studio's workout so much better! It included more pure dance moves than Pure Barre uses. They need to open a second location in Mount Pleasant! But until then (ha!), Move It will be my go-to core workout studio whenever we travel back home. So glad I found that place!


While I only managed to get three workouts in, I still spent a ton of time walking around - most days were spent on my feet. When we got home late Sunday night, I felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation! But we had a good time and I'll post pictures soon. 

After returning, my first run back felt better than I've felt in a long while running here. It was hot and the humidity was near 100%, but my little vacation of short, cool runs left me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle fall half marathon training (which starts next week!). 

Posted on August 4, 2015 and filed under Weekly workouts.