Studio review: Move It Studio in Lancaster, Pa

Back in July, when we went home to Lancaster, Pa. for vacation, I visited a local  studio, Move It Studio, for a barre workout. The studio has barre and modern dance classes, and it's owned by a professionally trained dancer.


I absolutely loved this studio and wish there was something like it in Mount Pleasant. We have plenty of studios, but none quite like this. Everything was right - the environment, the instructor (who was also a dancer), and the workout. Everyone was cheerful and welcoming, and the instructor was motivating but not annoying. 


The workout was the most pure (no pun intended) barre workout I've ever done. We did actual dance moves (easy ones, as far as dancing goes - not easy as far as a workout), and the workout also incorporated the perfect amount of yoga to really get a good stretch in. Even if someone wasn't familiar with barre (or ballet), I think they would have been okay in this class since the instructor was there to correct form and give friendly pointers as needed. I left feeling strengthen, relaxed, and nicely stretched out. 


The place itself was bright, clean, and airy, and lined with windows on two sides of the studio, and since it's on the second floor of the building, no one had to worry about passersby peering in or watching the workouts. It was exactly how a studio like this should be. I used to dream about having a studio like this in my own house. Ah, fantasies!

I just wish I had been in town longer to try a modern dance class, too, but the time slot for that didn't fit our schedule when we were there. If you live in Lancaster, or if you're just passing through and want a barre workout, this is a great place to go! It's on my list of must-visit places when we go back home to visit.