Myrtle Beach Mini/Kiawah Full Training Week 4 (8/31-9/6)

The cure for anything is saltwater...

I just finished week 4 of half/full training and I'm definitely feeling the increased workout intensity. Not only have I been running longer overall mileage more consistently than I ever have before, but I'm also crosstraining, conditioning, and doing core workouts regularly as well. It's the most well-rounded training I've had yet. But it's also making me a little tired. It probably doesn't help that I have a child with sleep regression issues, so a full night's sleep is rather elusive at the moment. As far as the harder workouts - I know I just need to get used to them and I'll adapt. And the sleep deprivation? I'm hoping it's a phase. But this week was rough!


Workout summary:

  • Monday: 3 mile paddle on the SUP 
  • Tuesday:  
    • Tempo run (1 mile warmup, 3 @ tempo, 1 mile moderate, 1 mile cool down) - 6.02 miles (8:46 pace)
    • MaxOut strength/conditioning circuit class
  • Wednesday: OFF
  • Thursday: Beach run (easy) - 3 miles (watchless)
  • Friday: Easy run - 5.06 miles (9:11 pace)
  • Saturday: Barre class
  • Sunday: Long run (very easy) - 9.01 miles (9:32 pace)

Total miles:  Run -  23.09 miles / Total runs: 4 / Total core/strength workouts: 3 / Total crosstraining: 1

Tuesday was my toughest day by far, with a 5 mile tempo (plus a warm-up mile) on the schedule followed by a strength/conditioning workout, the likes of which I haven't done since I lived in Charlotte ( least a little over two years ago). I was so bothered by the heat and humidity on Tuesday that the 5 mile tempo just didn't happen. Instead, I did a warm-up mile, 3 miles at tempo (7:43, 7:48, 8:15), the 5th mile at moderate (8:35) and the last mile as a cool down. My tempo miles were also supposed to be in the 7:45 range, so that last "tempo" mile wasn't really full tempo but close enough, especially in the weather conditions.  

Tuesday night I went to Journey Cycling and Fitness Studio for my first class. I'll post a full review later of the gym, but the short story is I loved this place and got myself a monthly membership. They have almost every possible crosstraining and strength class I need (other than paddleboarding), including spin, conditioning workouts, bootcamp-style classes, barre and yoga. Sold. I did the MaxOut class, which is a full-body conditioning circuit workout.

Since it's been so long since I've done a workout that intense, I was sore the next day and was glad for a rest day. Thursday I hit the beach for a very easy (and watchless) run on the sand followed by a nice little foot soak in the ocean, which really, fixes just about anything that ails you.  


I was still feeling residual tiredness on Friday morning's run. I was more tired and fatigued before I started that run than I've been at the end of half marathons, so that 5-miler was a ride on the struggle bus for the entire way. 

By Saturday, I was feeling much, much better and after I finished barre class (at Journey), I was ready for Sunday's long run. It was a little cooler on Sunday for the first half of my run (only in the 70s with a nice breeze - still 100% humidity, though), but by the second half the sun was shining and it was hot again. I should have gone out an hour earlier and then I would have had clouds and breeze the entire way. 

In general, I'm still feeling good about this round of training, even if fatigue and humidity are affecting my overall speed right now. I'm still making progress toward being faster in general, and it will only take a few weeks to get used to this new conditioning routine. I'll just muddle (hobble?) through until then. And I always have the ocean to soothe my aching legs. 

In other news, I set up an Instagram account just for my blog rather than keeping it combined with my main Instagram account. You can follow me there @IntoTheGlimmer.