Weekly workouts: Charleston half marathon training weeks 21 + 22 (12-28-1/10)

I intended week 21 to be peak week, but things ended up shifting and stretching out a little with our travel to Disney (which was so fun, by the way - recap and pictures coming soon!). In those two weeks' time, I ran both a 14 miler and the Disney Half when by comparison, I've usually just run a 10 and 8 miler (or thereabouts) this close to a race.

Because of our pace in the Disney Half (I ran with and paced a friend), I ended up being on my feet longer in a single run than I have been since my long runs during Thunder Road Marathon training in 2012. Even though the distance wasn't as far as some of my 16 mile runs this past fall, the extra time on my feet counted for something I'm sure! 

In addition to my workouts, I spent a ton of time walking around at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom last week. All of that to say, while I didn't do as many speedwork sessions as I would have liked during this training cycle, I did get in a lot more overall mileage to increase my base since this time last year. And after the Charleston half I plan to stay at this mileage, maybe go just a little higher, while adding more speed sessions and focusing on shorter distances for races. 


Week 21 workout summary (12/28-1/3):

  • Monday: OFF
  • Tuesday:  Run - 5.10 miles (8:41 pace)
  • Wednesday: Strength training at Journey
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: Family bike ride - 4.33 miles
  • Saturday:  Run - 8.03 miles (8:57 pace)
  • Sunday: Long run - 14.01 miles (8:59 pace)

Total miles:  Run - 27.14 / Total runs:  3 / Total core workouts: 0 / Total strength/conditioning workouts: 1 / Total crosstraining: 1

Week 22 workout summary (1/4-1/10):

  • Monday: Kettlebell/TRX workout at Journey (60 minutes)
  • Tuesday: OFF
  • Wednesday: OFF
  • Thursday: Run - 4 miles at the resort (8:11 pace)
  • Friday: Run with my friend - 3.62 miles at the resort (9:52 pace)
  • Saturday: Disney Half (12:15 pace) + more than 30 miles of walking around Epcot
  • Sunday: OFF, but lots of walking

Total miles:  Run - 20.72 / Total runs: 3 / Total core workouts: 0 / Total strength/conditioning workouts: 1 / Total crosstraining: 1 (lots and lots of walking!)

And that's that. Time to taper hard and relax a little bit so I have fresh legs for the Charleston half!