Weekly recap (4/18-4/24)

Well, it's my first week back at trying to get some semblance of organized training going. I'm not training for anything specific right now because summer is coming and every run (or race) in the summer is a slogfest here in Charleston. The best I can muster at most races in the summer is a fast(ish) tempo pace. And if my tempo run-race pace is faster this year than last year, I'll be happy. I don't expect any PRs until fall, though. 


Speaking of weather - it's been absolutely beautiful here lately, in the 70s and 80s with relatively low humidity. My running app records the temp and humidity and this has been the most consistent stretch of low humidity we've had in over a year. Seriously. Winter never happened this year and it was humid straight through with only a day or two break. This has been a few weeks of gorgeousness and I'm loving it. Too bad the one nasty day of 100% humidity showed up on race day at the bridge run. Oh well. We can't control the weather, right? So we enjoy it while we can and slog through it when it's less enjoyable. 

Workout summary

  • Monday: Barre class
  • Tuesday:  
    • Workout #1: Easy run - 4.25 miles (8:42 pace)
    • Workout #2: Barre class
  • Wednesday:
    • Workout #1: Barre class 
    • Workout #2: Easy run - 3.12 miles (8:59 pace)
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: Easy with 1/4 mile pickups each mile (6:45ish pickup pace) - 4.06 miles (8:46 overall pace)
  • Saturday: Hot vinyasa yoga class
  • Sunday: "Long" run - 6.25 miles (9:02 pace)

Total miles:  17.68 miles
Total runs: 4
Total yoga/barre/strength: 4

This week also marked a return to regular barre and yoga classes. I'd like to go to at least three to four of those classes a week. It really helps make me a better runner, as well as keeps me from getting injured. Since I'm finally on the other side of this illness I've been dealing with (and I hope it stays that way), I was really able to push myself in class this week and my body recovered properly, allowing me to actually get all of my workouts in. Before, my body wasn't recovering well and I spent most of my time feeling sore and tired, which definitely isn't normal for me. Now I'm bouncing back even though I'm working out harder. 

Most of my runs were rather uneventful as I'm just ramping my miles back up a bit. I saw some bursts of speed in my long run, which wasn't so long at just 6 miles, but hey, I have to get back to at it somehow. It took me about 3 miles to warm up on that run because I was stiff and tired for some reason, but once I got warmed up, I felt great. A few times, my pace dipped into the sub-7 range for short, unintentional spurts (on a so-called "easy" run - what?!) and I managed a fast finish at sub-6 for the last .1ish or so. It's so nice to be feeling better and to be able to hit decent paces despite heat. 

So about those tempo run-races...I think I'm ready. Let's bring them on and see how I fare this year.