Weekly recap (6/7-6/19): Hawaiian style (sort of)

Last week felt so long, I can't even remember most of what happened. I had some good runs even though my overall mileage is way down (blah), got back on a paddleboard (yessss!), and got in 2 barre classes. 

 Saltwater Therapy

Saltwater Therapy

The rest of the week was fairly questionable as the stress levels are currently skyrocketing in life outside of running. I'm nearly breaking under all of the pressure and I really hope this nightmare that kicked off this stressful chain of events ends soon. 

Workout recap

Last week's goals

Goal 1 Paddleboard Hit
Goal 2 3 runs Hit
Goal 3 1 barre class Hit

Last week's workouts

  • Monday: Barre class
  • Tuesday:  Moderately easy progressive run - 3.01 miles (8:38 pace / Splits: 9:11, 8:27, 7:58)
  • Wednesday: Easy run - 5.01 miles (9:19 pace) 
  • Thursday: Paddleboarding (paddle, prone paddle, corefit workout on the board)
  • Friday: Barre class 
  • Saturday: OFF (14 hours stuck in a car - ugh)
  • Sunday: Easy run - 3.24 miles (8:24 pace)

Last week's totals

Running miles: 11.26 miles
Runs: 3
Paddleboarding/cross training: 1
Barre/strength: 1
Total workouts: 6

As far as workouts go, I had a good week and hit 100% of my weekly goals! I also ended up with some unintended quasi-speedwork when I set out for an easy run at mid-day on Tuesday. It was 91 degrees (real feel: 103) and around 90% humidity, but I ended up with a sub-8 mile as my last mile and a nice little progressive run. 

I spent the week pretty exhausted and trying to get the family packed up for our vacation back home to PA, all while trying to get other things done that needed my attention. After all of that, I'm pretty pleased that I managed to get in 6 workouts! 

Sunday's run was on a hilly route back home in Lancaster, Pa. - man, I miss hills. It was also a gorgeous morning at just 62 degrees with relatively low humidity and a nice breeze. I ran easy, but looked at my pace several times and saw sub-8s. That's always a nice feeling, especially since I was feeling super stiff from being stuck in a car for 14 hours the day before and it took a bit to get warmed up. There is a faster runner in me somewhere. She just needs to start showing up more regularly (and on race days). 

 PA trails

PA trails

In art and design news, I made some prototype bracelets of the sketches from last week. I just used some materials I already had, so the wood beads aren't exactly the right size (they should be smaller), the colors are off, and I need silk instead of cotton for the tassels. But overall, these turned out great! I'm hoping to order the supplies I need and make some soon (along with a few other pieces for a mini Into the Glimmer collection). 

 Beachy bracelets

Beachy bracelets

And the big highlight of my week was my little guy turning 2. I can't believe it! The past two years have just flown right by, and he's turning into such a smart, independent, artistic boy. He also loves music and anything with water. We celebrated his big day with a Lilo & Stitch themed Hawaiian Luau with family and friends (thanks to my mom for being the host and to my in-laws for helping out with set up and food!). 

Even though we were exhausted from traveling, it was a fun way to kick off our vacation and B had an absolute blast. In true B style, his favorite part was the kiddie pool and sprinkler. 

 Party time!

Party time!

And that's it for last week's recap! I'm looking forward to some hilly runs in lower humidity this week while we're still in PA (and of course, spending time with family and friends). Then it's back to the sweltering Charleston weather where hopefully things outside of running will start looking up again soon. 

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