Race recap: IOP Beach Run 5K 2016

Last Saturday, I ran the IOP Beach Run 5K. Yep, it's on the beach. In July. There's also a 10K option, which I attempted last year, but wasn't planning on going anywhere near that this year. I'm hoping this is the last recap I write in a very long time where I talk about how I had to deal with racing/running while sick. 

IOP Beach Run 5k Race Recap by Into the Glimmer

Here's the condensed version:
I was still feeling weak and sick, I ran miles 1 and 2 at a sub-8 pace, but felt too sick to continue that in mile 3 and ended up walking and slowing my run pace down significantly. My finish time was 26:26 (8:31 pace), another slow one. Blah. Amusingly, I ended up with 2nd in my age group. I don't really feel like I deserved that, but it happened and the medals were a cool design. 

Mid-race I was cursing my decision to run this race again, but I am determined to conquer this race. Next year, I'll be back and I'll be healthy (and faster). But it's safe to say I'll never attempt the 10K again like I did last year. It's just too hot and miserable in July to be racing that distance on the beach.


And that's all I'll say about my particular race execution.

The real highlight of the morning, other than being at the beach, was that B ran his first baby dash! He was by far, the littlest guy out there and he ran the entire 100 yards with the biggest smile on his face. Just pure toddler joy and my heart was exploding. But really, pictures can show it so much better than I can tell it. 


Between our races, B and I had a blast playing and splashing in the tide pools. He collected a bunch of shells and kept jumping up and intentionally landing on his butt in a seated position. I'm not sure how that didn't hurt, but he was a loving it!


A few other race details...

The course is an out and back course right on the beach. It's mostly packed sand, but there are some rough patches and tide pools (this obviously would vary by the day). 

Like last year, the water stop was ill-placed - after mile 2 of the 5K instead of at the turnaround point. I'm not even sure if there was another water stop for the 10Kers (there wasn't last year). When you're racing on the beach in July in the South, you need better water stop support. 

There are several kid race options including a 1 mile, half mile and 100 yard baby dash, and all finishers for those races get a ribbon. I love this about this race and it's one of the reasons I'll do it every year. 

Race info

Race: IOP Beach Run 5K (also a 10K option and three kids' races)
Date: July 16, 2016
Location: Isle of Palms, SC
Course: Flat, on the beach, out-and-back course, no shade
Cause: None that I could find
Weather: 80+ degrees, 100% humidity, heat index: 90-something
Performace (1/worst to 5/best): 1
Health: Recovering from the latest round of allergy/cold/sinus issues. No asthma problems!

B's participant Ribbon and my AG Medal

B's participant Ribbon and my AG Medal

Other than that, the race is fairly no-frills (see: lack of water stops), but it's a good time and it's nice to be able to put your feet in the ocean after it's over.

This is why I live in Charleston. Beach races and tide pools on a random Saturday morning. Not such a bad gig. 

Anyone else get out and race in this crazy heat?