Weekly recap (8/15-8/21): Time is not on my side

Disney Wine & Dine + Kiawah Half Training Week 2

Time flies. As I get older, it seems like weeks - years, even - pass before I even blink. 

weekly recap - august 15-21

Last week, B switched from a crib to a toddler bed. And it happened so suddenly. We put him down for a nap in his crib and the next thing we knew, we heard him pounding on his bedroom door. He had managed to climb out of the crib, so we knew it was time to make the switch. 

As I was putting him to bed a few nights later, I found myself thinking about how I wasn't ready for him to switch from a baby in a crib to a big boy in a bed. The last night he was in his crib I didn't even know it was his last night! I wasn't prepared. The transition was swift, unplanned, and much too abrupt. In less than 24 hours, B's babyhood is one more (giant) step behind us in the distance. And I'll admit, I got a little weepy. 

One of the dogs decided she liked B's new bed and decided to take a snooze in it (before we put the rails up)

One of the dogs decided she liked B's new bed and decided to take a snooze in it (before we put the rails up)

Time flies. I had a birthday a few weeks ago and I now find myself much closer to 40 than I am to 30. In the past 7 years since 30 (yes, I'm 37), I've done so much - I've gotten married, bought 2 houses (and became a landlord), moved from PA to NC to SC, taken up running (and started this blog), climbed up in my career, been knocked down a bunch of times, finished grad school, figured out more about what it is I want in life (and changed my mind a few times), and had a baby.

I'm fairly certain I've packed far more milestones into this decade so far than any other. And I'm not done yet. But wow, these years have flown right by. Wasn't I just lamenting turning 27 (and nearly having a breakdown because I wasn't where I wanted to be yet in life - because clearly a 27 year old should have it all figured out)? 

There's a scientific reason that time feels faster as we get older. It's because one month to someone who has lived 420 months is a much smaller fraction of time overall than someone who has only lived 60 months. It's the reason that when you're a kid, you think Christmas is never coming but when you're adult, you feel like there's only a week between last Christmas and this Christmas and suddenly you find yourself scrambling around for gifts at the last minute (again) because time flies for crying out loud! Wasn't it just January last week? Where did this year go? What exactly is going on around here?

Workout summary

  • Monday: 
    • Barre 
    • Standup Paddleboarding 
  • Tuesday:  Rest day
  • Wednesday: Progression run - 3.12 miles, splits: 9:05, 8:19, 7:57 (8:24 pace)
  • Thursday: Easy treadmill run - 3.01 (8:53 pace)
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: Family bike ride - 10 miles
  • Sunday: Barre


Running miles: 6.13 miles
Total runs: 2
Biking miles: 10
Cross training (bike or SUP): 2
Barre/strength: 2
Total miles (run + bike): 16.13
Total workouts: 6

Time flies - not just years, but weeks. A week is barely anything to me now. It's why if I don't kick off my week just right or miss a particular moment in the plan, everything falls apart and my entire week is just off schedule. And last week got a little bit off. I'm not sure how since it started off really well, but by Wednesday, I was off schedule and it was hard to get that back. Soon, it was Saturday and I had missed my speed session and my long run was looming. And then my friend invited us boating on Sunday and since time flies and boating season will soon be over, I skipped out on my long run and went boating. 

Charleston Harbor Views from the boat

Charleston Harbor Views from the boat

So this week, while I had excellent workouts in general, including a nice progression run out in the heat, I got off schedule and just couldn't regain my footing. 

I had a double workout day here. I headed to barre class in the evening and then immediately after went paddleboarding. We did a lot of turn work in preparation for paddle surfing and I actually fell off the board for the first time in years! Some of the turns on a board can be hard work! 



I took a planned rest day on Tuesday. Not much to see here. Moving on. 

I ran outside on Wednesday in some pretty steamy temps, but still ended up with a nice progression run. So I guess that was my speed work for the week since I did end up with a sub-8 mile in there. But it felt surprisingly good, considering the temps. 

On Thursday, I went to the gym to get in an easy 3-miler. I ended up with a sub-9 pace and I had barely broken a sweat. I probably could have gone much faster and still stayed in that easy range, but I held back because I was planning on doing my 6 mile track session the next day. But that speed and how easy it felt bodes very well for fall. 

Friday completely got away from me and before I knew it, I had completely missed my workout. Time flies

Saturday was D's birthday and was a gorgeous morning. It almost felt like fall! By "fall," I mean it was 89 degrees with a heat index of 99, 61% humidity and a dew point of 74. There was also a nice breeze. Welcome to fall in the South. But since it was so nice outside, we went on a 10-mile bike ride around the neighborhood. I love our family bike rides! We also stopped at the coffee shop (like last week) for breakfast. 

In the evening, we out to the Isle of Palms Marina to Morgan Creek Grill and let B play in the sand while we ate fried oysters and pickles and drank Corona. 

Family bike ride
A storm blew right past us at the marina

A storm blew right past us at the marina

Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds

And then the storm clouds disappeared and left a rainbow in their place

And then the storm clouds disappeared and left a rainbow in their place

I kicked off Sunday with a barre workout where I had some asthma struggles. I had run out of my miracle meds the previous Friday and didn't refill them until Tuesday evening. The first day I took them again was Wednesday (and I had a little bit of asthma trouble on my run that day). I forgot to take them on Saturday again, so I only had three doses in me for the whole week by Sunday morning. And I paid for that. Coughing, wheezing, and an overall terrible workout for me since my flexibility and intensity went out the window. I won't make that mistake again. No more running out of asthma meds! They really do make all the difference. 

Boating totally beat out running on Sunday

Boating totally beat out running on Sunday

I planned to do my 8-miler in the evening on Sunday, but like as previously mentioned, we went boating instead. My fitness tracker thought I was running while we were on the boat, though, and racked up about 6 miles and tons of steps. That counts for something, right? Boating is totally exercise. 

But it's probably good that I gave my lungs a rest anyway. And even though fall training officially started, these first few weeks are just about getting back into it, so I'm not too concerned. 

My coach and I reworked my schedule for the season, so I'm hoping to stay on track a bit better this season than I have in the past. I have some big goals for Kiawah and I know the only way to get there is to be consistent.

I also know that Kiawah (and Christmas and my son's teenage years) will be here before I know it because after all, time flies

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