September 2016 goals

Gotta (re)start somewhere

It's been a while since I did any kind of monthly goals around here, mostly because my main goal was just survive and muddle through, and that's not very exciting, is it? 


Anyway, things have started to improve both with my health and with the weather, and while the last few weeks of September (and the beginning of October) are going to be rough month for us since Meadow Beagle will be doing radiation therapy 5 days a week for 4 weeks and it requires extensive travel (4 hours per day), I thought maybe I'd still throw some goals out there. I'm keeping them all fairly attainable (no stretch goals this time!) since this month is going to be rough with my schedule and I have several big projects at work.


1 - Run at least 1 race

This shouldn't be too hard. I've got a race on my calendar on Saturday, so I'll knock this goal out pretty quickly. As far as time goals for that run? I have none. It's on the beach, so it could be fast or it could be slow. My current 10K PR was run on the beach; but so was my only DNF (did not finish). It's a crapshoot out there, folks.  


2 - Run at least 3 times per week, every week (bonus if I get 4 runs in)

I need to get my running legs back and remember what a normal (for me) pace feels like when I'm well. Until then, I'm doing shorter speed work intervals (no longer than 400s) and I'm really focusing on running well for every run. As long as the weather doesn't shoot back up to triple digit heat indexes, this should be just fine. 


3 - Three barre classes, one BodyFlow/yoga class per week

Okay, I said no stretch goals, but with my upcoming schedule nuttery, this one will be really tough. But strength, core, and flexibility work is essential to my training, so I'll be keeping up with it the best I can. 

I thought about adding one blog goal and one creativity goal for the month, too, but then I thought that would be crazy and shut that idea right down. Between work and working out, I think I've got my hands full for this month. 

So, what are your September goals? How do you handle working out when your schedule goes haywire?