Weekly recap (12/5-12/11): Kiawah Half Marathon Week


So that's a wrap on Kiawah training. No more racing for me before I figure out what the heck is going on with my health and get it fixed. (Well, except for next weekend's Cocoa Cup where I'll probably just run with D and B, which means about a 35 minute 5K - I think I can manage that.) 

This week I ran Kiawah even though I really didn't think I should and it was not awesome. I took it very easy, but even with that, by the time I hit mile 10, I felt like I just needed to nap. But hey, I got a nice medal, the course was beautiful, and the weather was perfect (and no asthma issues!).  

weekly recap

I kept my week low key and my workouts easy leading up to Saturday since I have such small amounts of energy at the moment and the sinus infection from a few weeks ago came back this week (fun). I knew I'd need all the energy I could save for those 13 miles.

My only run other than Kiawah this week was on Friday. I wanted to run Thursday but spent that day with a migraine. Fun. On Friday, I ran with my phone in my pocket so I couldn't see my pace. I kept it slow, and slow that day ended up being an 8:42 pace. Not too bad and it gave me a small amount of hope that Kiawah wouldn't be a total disaster.

I'll save the details for my full recap, but Kiawah wasn't a complete mess. It wasn't an awesome race, but it wasn't quite as bad I thought it could go. More like on the bad side of average and my asthma controlled itself. I ran easy the entire way, walked at the water stops, and finished in 2:00:05. I'm kicking myself for missing sub-2 by a few seconds because if there were any "goals" for this race (other than just finishing) since I decided it could no longer be a real goal race, sub-2 was it. But oh well. Moving on to focusing on getting well. 

Workout summary

  • Monday: Barre
  • Tuesday:  Off
  • Wednesday: Barre 
  • Thursday: Easy run - 3 miles
  • Friday: Easy run - 3.16 miles (8:42 pace)
  • Saturday: Kiawah Half Marathon
  • Sunday: Off


Running miles: 16.26
Total runs: 2
Barre/strength: 2
Total workouts: 4

In other news (not much happened this week), I updated some of the colors for my blog and changed the main header to a somewhat festive/sparkly image. I also updated my logo a few weeks ago. Yay?

Gosh I look exhausted

Gosh I look exhausted

Telling Santa his Christmas wishes!

Telling Santa his Christmas wishes!

Sunday we took B to breakfast with Santa and although he came ready to tell Santa what he wanted (a Thomas train and a white truck with a puppy in it (a toy he saw in a store the other day)), once he saw Santa there was no way he was getting on his lap. I had to hold him the entire time. 

And that was my week. Fairly uneventful. Sinus infection, a half marathon that went from being my goal race of the season to being just another easy run, and Santa. How was your week?

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