Weekly Recap - Fall Base Building Week 3 (8/21-8/27)

Another week wrapped up and I'm happy to say that I ran 5 times! Yay!  

fall base building

Here's how my week looked:

Workout summary

Monday Off
Tuesday Easy run - 3.13 miles @ 8:46 pace
Wednesday Run/walk - 3 miles
Thursday 10 minute arm workout at home (small weights)
Friday Easy run - 3.01 miles @ 8:43 pace
Saturday Easy run with a few pace surges - 3.03 miles @ 8:03 pace + 10 minute arm workout at home (small weights)
Sunday Easy run - 4.03 miles @ 8:17 pace
Totals 5 runs / 16.20 miles

I didn't get in quite the mileage I wanted and one run turned into a run/walk because I was dealing with a nasty UTI all week. I finally got meds on Friday after running through the pain and realizing water and cranberry juice wasn't going to flush it out. By Saturday, I had some discomfort, but running wasn't painful. Another yay!

Sunday's run wasn't quite as awesome - I took my antibiotic, didn't eat enough, and underestimated the 79% dew point since the temp in the high 70s actually felt decent. I ended up super nauseated (which can be a side effect of the antibiotic, especially without enough food and water) and just felt pretty miserable. I didn't run as far as I wanted to, but I still ran and I'm pleased with that 8:17 pace, too. 

Like last week, I'm skipping my planned/what happened format for this week since I really didn't plan much as I was just trying get back into the work and routine groove after vacation (and dealing with the UTI, which pretty much shot everything).

For this training season, I'm hoping to add in some at-home workouts since my ability to get to the gym for classes isn't consistent. My work/family schedule can just get a little too crazy, so doing short arm workouts or intervals at home will fill in some of those gaps. This week, I did two short arm workouts.

Cool things that happened outside of running this week? The eclipse! Charleston was in the path of totality and it was so freaking cool. We ended up just watching it from our yard because I didn't trust B to keep his glasses on and not look up at the sun.

For me, the most fascinating part of the eclipse wasn't watching as the moon moved over the sun. That was definitely a sight to see, but I really loved experiencing everything else that was happening as it got dark in the middle of the day.

eclipse 2017 charleston

It wasn't like sunset where the sky is painted with pretty pinks and reds. It was really grey (we had some cloud cover) and it just got...dark. Completely, pitch dark like the middle of the night. Unfortunately, because of the cloud cover, I couldn't see any stars. But other cool things happened. Shadows shifted oddly as it got darker, street lights came on, the solar lights in our yard turned on, and it got quiet, except for the wind. And my dogs got really confused.

Our neighborhood about a minute before it got completely dark

Our neighborhood about a minute before it got completely dark

Just as it was getting dark, it also started thundering and lightning in the distance, the wind picked up and of course, the temps dropped, which made it all very eery. It seemed like the perfect setting for Halloween (can you tell I'm ready for fall?).

And then, after a few minutes it started getting light again. Overall, a very cool thing to experience.

How was your week? Did you experience the eclipse? What did you think?  

weekly wrap

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