Five Charleston charities that need our help

I don't often get political here on my blog (really, I never do), but sometimes you can't stay silent because silence is compliance.

People who know me know where I stand politically, but I don't believe this incoming administration is a matter of politics anymore. It's a matter of human decency and safety. We are currently experiencing an imminent threat to our planet, our futures, our education system, our children, minorities, religions and other marginalized groups, and our healthcare.

This is not okay.

And while sadly, this actually is happening, we can still take action and one of the best places to start is locally and grassroots. Since I'm in Charleston, I found five Charleston non-profits to donate to whose causes, funding, or people they help could be under immediate threat and where we can use our dollars to help. 


Coastal Conservation League

Charleston's beaches and marshes are beautiful. But they're also in danger. Coastal Conservation League works to protect our landscapes, wildlife, water and the Charleston way of life. 

Donate to the Coastal Conservation League >>


Charleston Center for Women

Women have come so far in the past several decades and many of us have watched in horror as events unfold that threaten our equality and safety. Charleston Center for Women provides resources and programs to develop women as leaders and in business with the goal of advancing women in our society. 

Donate to the Charleston Center for Women >>


Charleston Alliance for the Arts

The National Endowment of the Arts is under siege and may get its budget slashed. Arts an integral part of our education, life, and society. More importantly, art is a form of freedom of expression and taking away funding for arts is another way to attack that freedom. Charleston Alliance for the Arts supports the vibrant art community in the Lowcountry and helps arts organizations succeed.  

Donate to the Charleston Alliance for the Arts >>



HALOS gives resources and opportunities to abused and neglected children, many of whom have no other resources. This is what pro-life is all about: taking care of children after they're born even if society forgets about them and the safety net fails them. HALOS gives life to these children and improves their circumstances. 

Donate to HALOS >>


Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood provides low cost, life-saving healthcare to thousands of women, as well as access to birth control (which data shows prevents increases in abortions). With the ACA under attack and millions standing to lose their insurance, as well as stripping away things that could affect even those with employer-provided healthcare, like pre-existing conditions, lifetime caps, annual caps, and birth control, women will need Planned Parenthood more than ever. 

Donate to Planned Parenthood >>


I hope wherever you are, even if you aren't in Charleston, you find it in you to take a stand against racism, hate, bigotry, misogyny, and threats to our freedom and our planet.

We are stronger together.