Weekly Recap - Rest, Reset, and Thanksgiving (11/20-11/26)

Rest and Reset

Last week, I came to the disappointing realization that my fall training has been a complete bust. What should have been a minor blip in the road turned into a months long fiasco that derailed my training completely. 

rest and reset

With that said, I deferred Kiawah. It's not even worth running as a training run at this point since it's been nearly a month since I ran anything over a 10K. I'm not really interested in slogging through a half marathon while my body recovers fully from this mess. 

The good news is I finally got myself to my regular doctor and she pulled out the big guns (aka, needles) and I've been feeling much better. I'm off the antibiotics that made me weak, sick, sore, and caused tingling in my feet and hands (OMG, WTF...NO!).

Sadly, I didn't feel good enough to get out and run the Turkey Day Run 5K, and that's the first time I've missed it since moving to Charleston. But I did feel decent enough for a slow, easy run on Friday, and another on Saturday. 

We've had some gorgeous running weather here - I'm glad I finally got out to enjoy it

We've had some gorgeous running weather here - I'm glad I finally got out to enjoy it

Other than that, I spent the week enjoying time off from work and spending time with family. My mom came to town for Thanksgiving and we did lots of fun things: the beach, an oyster roast, a walk around the trails, the beach, cookie baking, games, and the Holiday Festival of Lights on James Island. We also got the house ready for Christmas and put up our Christmas tree.

Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree

I'm glad I took the past two weeks to rest. My body needed it after the ridiculousness this fall. But I'm hoping that's behind me and now I can refocus and start training to run the Save the Light Half Marathon in February. 

How was your Thanksgiving? 

weekly wrap

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