Weekly recap (6/26-7/2): Another rest week

How is it July already? Where did the first half of 2017 go? I feel like I need to start my Christmas plans yesterday since it will be here tomorrow. Seriously. 

weekly recap - running shoes

Workout summary

  • Monday: HIIT class at Journey
  • Tuesday:  Off
  • Wednesday: 
    • HIIT class at Journey
    • Easy run with friends - 3.07 miles @ 8:56 pace 
  • Thursday: Barre class
  • Friday: Spin class at Journey (my first spin class ever!)
  • Saturday: Resting my back
  • Sunday: Resting my back 

Last week's totals

Total miles: 3.07 miles (ugh)
Total runs: 1
Total spinning: 1
Total strength: 3
Total workouts: 5

So anyway, after a great May, June (as far as running goes) was less than stellar. I dealt with a sore-but-not-quite-injured achilles, which is completely gone now but caused me to cut my running way back to avoid a full-blown injury. Plus I had an allergy flare-up that caused tons of coughing and more frequent inhaler use (I'll take it, though, over the chronic sinus infections and major asthma attacks of the past). 

Then just as the achilles and cough were both better, I tweaked my back last Thursday and the week ended up as a complete running bust. The back issue is an old injury that can tweak randomly and for the smallest of reasons - like picking up a bag of groceries the wrong way or twisting wrong. Sigh. 

But the week wasn't a total loss...

A few highlights:

I still got in some good workouts the first half of the week, including two HIIT sessions at Journey (love that place!) and a barre class. Sadly, the barre class was the last barre class I'll take at that studio since the location closed on Friday. I'm hoping they'll find a new location near me soon!

Goodbye, beaufitul barre studio

Goodbye, beaufitul barre studio

And of course, I always look forward to my weekly pub runs with my new running group. I not only get a good run in, but it guarantees me at least one social night with friends each week and I definitely need that! I'm looking forward to training for Kiawah with this bunch this fall. 

I also took my first spin class ever last week, too. I've been wanting to try spin for years but just never did for some reason. On Friday morning, a friend and I got up way before the sun and went to a spin class at Journey. My back was really bothering me that day, so I couldn't do some of the workout, but I still liked the class and I'm anxious to go back and try it again when I'm not in pain.

Hello, pretty cool spinning studio

Hello, pretty cool spinning studio

That early morning had me so disoriented the rest of the day, too - I'm sure the 1 hour and 59 minutes of sleep I got the night before was probably also an issue (thanks Fitbit for telling me that it was significantly less sleep than normal!). My son decided to party until midnight and then my back pain had me tossing and turning.

Outside of working out, I finally (3.5 years after painting it) got some lettering up on the chalkboard wall in our dining room. I have a shelf with B's artwork on the wall, so I've been planning to use the phrase "Live Artfully" on it. And I finally did! I haven't added any flourishes to it yet, but I like it so far (and let's be honest, it will probably stay without flourishes for months and months). 

live artfully
Kayak/Paddleboard Launch right up the road from my house

Kayak/Paddleboard Launch right up the road from my house

In keeping with my "better late than never" theme last week, we did some exploring over weekend and discovered a kayak/paddleboard launch right up the road. Seriously, how have I lived here for 4 years and not known this. It's so close! 

And just like that another week and another month are finished. And while neither ended up going quite as planned, it happens, and I'm hoping to come back stronger in July. 

How was your week? Is your 2017 flying by as fast as mine? 

weekly wrap

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