Weekly recap (3/6-3/12): Rest

So last week's back issue? Yeah. It forced near complete rest this week. 

It's frustrating, but it happens. I thought I was feeling better and did a barre class on Monday, which was fine. But Tuesday's run was painful. I had to walk so much of it and my back was just angry. I took the day off on Wednesday, hoping that would help, and stupidly, even though I wasn't feeling 100%, did a barre class on Thursday.

Nope, nope, nope. 

Weekly recap - march 6-12

Workout summary

  • Monday: Barre
  • Tuesday:  Easy, painful run - 4.06 miles (9:16 pace)
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Barre
  • Friday: Rest/injured
  • Saturday: Rest/injured
  • Sunday: Rest/injured

Yoga: a few random poses here and there
Barre/strength: 2
Runs: 1
Total miles: 4.06 miles
Total workouts: 3

So. Total rest with just a few very easy yoga poses (I'm talking down dog, standing forward bend, and child's post) each day plus a whole lot of foam rolling and time with "the stick." My son decided that his back also hurt and that he needed to use my foam roller as well. So while he was using that, I used my white running stick to loosen up the tightness in the back of my legs.  

Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling

I think part of the problem was my husband being out of town the entire week (Monday to Monday) and leaving me and my tweaked back to reign in a toddler - pick him up, wrangle him into clothes, give him baths, etc. I wasn't able to stop picking up heavy things or constantly twisting and bending - all of those things aggravate my back when I have a flare up and not being able to fully rest prolonged the issue. But that's life. I dealt with it, even if it was painful. 

I'm feeling much better now, but I'll save those details for next week's recap. 

The flowers are already blooming here!

The flowers are already blooming here!

So anyway, a bit of a blip in the rebuilding process, but I'm not training for anything at all right now, so I'm not overly concerned. The next race I officially have on my calendar is in the fall and that leaves me plenty of time to rebuild. But I am itching to get back on the road and run consistently again. 

I didn't post a lot on the blog this week, either, mostly because work was crazy and then I was on toddler patrol. By the time he was in bed, my brain was fried and I just needed a break. 

But my post about the oddities of being a work-from-home mom went up on the Charleston Moms Blog, so that's something. (Read it here.)

And that's a wrap. Not a lot happening in my week this week other than chasing a toddler around and trying to rest my back. 

How was your week?

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