Weekly recap (4/17-4/23): Summer runnin'

Another (mostly) good running week in the books! While I missed running 5 days (thanks to some nasty GI issues brought on by dehydration), the 4 runs I did were great even if the summer heat has already started. And I got one barre workout in this week (unlike last week), so there's progress. 


Workout recap

Last week's workouts

  • Monday: Barre
  • Tuesday:  Easy run - 4.08 miles (8:57 pace)
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Speedwork - 5.04 mile progression run (8:22 pace, splits: 9:08, 8:27, 8:16, 8:12, 7:58)
  • Friday: Easy run - 3.03 (9:13 pace)
  • Saturday: Easy run at the Food Truck Rally 5K trail race with a friend - 2.55 miles (9:36 pace), short course (untimed)
  • Sunday: Bike ride - 10.5 miles 

Last week's totals

Total miles: 14.70 miles
Total runs: 4
Total barre/yoga: 1
Total bike: 1 (10.5 miles)
Total workouts: 6

Tuesday and Friday were easy runs, but even though they were easy, I did a good job of negative splitting both of them. Tuesday was 4.08 miles with splits coming in at 9:22, 8:57, 8:55, 8:36 and Friday my splits were 9:27, 9:19, and 8:56. I've never consistently run negative split runs, so this is good!

Hot, Steamy, not a lot of shade

Hot, Steamy, not a lot of shade

My speedwork session on Thursday was a progression run (more practice on those negative splits!) and I only missed my pace target on the first mile. I've been struggling in my first mile lately on all of my runs to get warmed up. I get side stitches high in my side (lungs?) and it just takes a bit for my legs to stretch out. After about a mile, though, things loosen up and I'm fine on the rest of the run. I'm thinking this may have to do with dehydration, which I struggled a lot with this week (more on that in a minute). 

On Saturday, I ran the Food Truck Rally 5K trail run. The course was short, there weren't enough food trucks considering the name of the race, it was hot, and the trail was treacherous, but I had fun with friends and got a nice run in on a trail, so that's what counts. It's always good to run with a friend and get out on a trail. And we had Bloody Mary's after the race. Win-win. (Although it probably didn't help with my dehydration problems.)

post-race bloody mary

So about that dehydration issue...I stupidly didn't pay enough attention to my water intake as I was ramping up workouts out in the intense sun and heat. And I paid for it this week. It started on Saturday and went rolling right into Sunday. Sunday I was having so much GI distress that a long run was out of the question. Trust me, I tried. I got less than a mile and just had to turn around. It was too much on my system.

Instead, I hopped on my bike and we headed out for a family bike ride (which included a few pit stops for me and an earlier return home than I would have liked). As much as I was upset about missing my long run on Sunday and having my mileage drop for the week, I knew it was the right choice while I was out on my bike. I didn't feel awesome on a bike; running would have been a disaster. 

So now, I'm paying more attention to hydrating and trying to drink a lot more water, including adding my Skratch Labs hydrating mix once a day. I do not want to get dehydrated again! 

And I'm also back to setting weekly goals for myself. I started doing this last year, just as all of my low iron issues started and it quickly derailed since my only goal was "get through the week." I'm starting small and I'll slowly build with these goals (adding things like yoga, HIIT, trail or beach runs, paddleboarding, etc.). For now, it's simple:

Goals for next week

Goal 1 5 runs
Goal 2 2 barre workouts

Outside of workouts, last week we had loads of fun with the little guy. The Boone Hall Strawberry Festival was over the weekend and this year, B was tall enough to ride the kiddie rides. I was shocked. I had no idea he was 36 inches tall already. But he loved those rides! 

strawberry festival

Bedtimes with B were still stressful and I was on my own most of the week again since D was out of town, which always presents challenges to getting everything done, but I survived!

So how was your week?

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