Weekly Recap: Training for...Nothing (12/18-12/24)

First of all, Merry, merry Christmas! I hope you all are enjoying the holidays surrounded by family, friends, and food!

merry christmas

And...now for my weekly non-training recap. Last week I had to wave the flag and admit defeat on my training reboot. As if dealing with illness all through fall wasn't enough, just when I finally started feeling better, I got hit with piriformis issues. I have no idea how or why they happened, but what started as pretty minor turned into some pretty crazy pain shooting all the way down my leg and into my foot plus pins and needles. 

Workout summary

Monday Bike ride - 4 miles
Tuesday Run - Easy 3.05 miles @ 8:04 pace
Wednesday Off/injured
Thursday Off/injured
Friday Off/injured
Saturday Bike ride - 6 miles
Sunday 1-mile jog with Macy + 3 mile bike ride
Totals 2 runs / 4.05 miles
3 bike rides

At first, I was able to run and didn't have pain, although walking hurt (oddly). I was pleased with my pace and feeling really good, but I guess I pushed too much by running while quasi-injured and eventually the pain was too much to continue running. So obviously, I thought it would be best if I just rested it before it got worse. There's no reason to push through injury, even if I'm frustrated. 

I spent my week stretching, foam rolling, icing and heating, and I think it's starting to improve. I think I made the right choice to rest it at this point. At least I could ride bike and get a few workouts in.

December Sunset while on a bike ride

December Sunset while on a bike ride

I did try to test it out on Saturday with a short (and slow) jingle around the block with Macy and while it felt okay running, the second I stopped and walked, the pinching pain was more intense than before I went out to run. So...no more running for me for now.

JIngling around the block with Macy

JIngling around the block with Macy

In spite of being depressed about not being able to run, and having yet another health issue, I managed to muddle through my week the best I could. 

I really wish I could get healthy and stay healthy, but I know the stress I'm under by doing so many things (full-time design job, part-time editing job, part-time side business, hobbies, motherhood, building a house/moving) is probably killing me. Even my chiropractor said he thinks the piriformis issue was actually caused by intense stress. 

Goal for 2018: Find better balance because this can't continue. 

But enough about that - it's Christmas!

Christmas presents everywhere - B wanted a castle and he definitely got a castle (and played with it all day)

Christmas presents everywhere - B wanted a castle and he definitely got a castle (and played with it all day)

We had a relaxing Christmas at home this year. At least the day itself was relaxing. The lead up to it was crazy, as usual. I needed this day of relaxation. Sometimes we travel, but this year we decided not to because of the upcoming move. I also prefer to be in our own house for Christmas versus in a hotel or AirBnB, so I like the years we don't travel even though I miss our family in PA. 

Sweet Meadow Beagle

Sweet Meadow Beagle

My favorite gift was that my sweet girl Meadow is still here with us. With her nasal cancer diagnosis almost a year and a half ago, plus the dog fight last Christmas Eve (thank goodness for none of that noise this year), I was sure we'd lose her before this holiday season. But she's here, and I'm so glad we got to celebrate another Christmas with this furbaby. I'm not sure how much time she has left, but she's doing well and I'm thankful for every day with her. 

As I go into the last week of 2017, I'm planning on lots of yoga, a sports massage, a stretch session at Stretch Zone, a strength workout at F45, and maybe an Orange Theory class on Saturday if I'm feeling okay. I'm hoping to start 2018 with some semblance of health, even though I'm not planning on training for anything at the moment. 

How was your week? Did you have a relaxing holiday?

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