Weekly Recap: Training Reboot Week 12 (6/11-6/17)

weekly recap

Back on schedule (kind of)

This week was all about playing catch-up. I love vacations, but in many ways, they make things more stressful when I get back home. 

I spent the week catching up on work, and trying to get my workouts back on track. While I didn't quite get in all of my miles and I came up short with how many days I wanted to work out, I did get in four runs and two strength workouts, which is basically the minimum workouts I want to to do in any given week.

Workout Summary

Monday Off
Tuesday Run: 3 easy miles at 9:02 pace
F45 strength class
Wednesday Off
Thursday Run: 3 miles at 8:31 pace
F45 strength class
Friday Off
Saturday Run: 3 miles at 8:24 pace
Sunday Long run: 8 miles at 9:07 pace
Totals 4 runs/ 17 miles
Total workouts: 6

A brief recap

Rather than go day-by-day, here's a summary.

It's hot. So hot. So humid. And dew points are consistently out of control - up in the high 70s. This is almost unbreathable. 

But! In spite of all of that, my pace picked up a little this week. I think the effects of the antibiotics are out of my system at this point, so my strength is returning in general.

But this heat. Oh boy. My Sunday run was just miserable. Equating it to running with a hot, heavy wet blanket wrapped around my entire body (including my face) is probably the most accurate description. Disgusting. 

And some news...

My big news this week is that we added a new family member to our pack. Miss Ruby Skye Beagle came to live with us this week. We weren't specifically looking for another dog, but she caught my eye at a local rescue group and I knew she was ours.

So here she is! (I'm convinced that Meadow Beagle sent her to us.)

Here's a picture of her being adorable (I'll post an intro post of her later because she deserves it!). 


And that was my week! In spite of coming up a little short in miles, I'm not doing too bad in general. I'm consistently hitting higher mileage more often than I have in the past during these maintenance weeks. Once August arrives, I should have no trouble ramping up training. 

These next few weeks are shaping up to be pretty crazy for me as well. Not only is B's birthday coming up and we have family coming into town, but I also have some intense work schedules (and an unexpected freelance project that I need to crank out quickly).

I'm hoping I'll still be able to maintain my workout schedule, because really that workout schedule is what maintains my sanity during times like this.

How was your week? Does working out help you get through stressful or busy times?


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