Weekly Recap: Training Reboot Week 13 (6/18-6/24)

weekly recap june 18-24


The juggle is real...

Guys, I'm so tired. I really don't even have the energy to post anything substantial for this recap. 

Here's the summary: I got through the week. I ran 4 times (22 miles total!) and got in 2 strength workouts. 

It was hotter than hell (seriously...heat indexes into the triple digits, dewpoints in the high 70s, humidity in the 90s). Charleston is hotter than hot in the summer. And swampy. So very swampy. 

This week was incredibly busy with my son's birthday, my husband traveling (as usual), and me trying to cram way more than is possible into my days, plus family visiting on the weekend. I love when family visits, but it also makes for extremely busy weekends. I pretty much need a weekend from my weekend when that happens (same goes for weekends we travel). But we all know that won't happen.

I'm right back to the grind on Monday and my husband is right back out of town. Fun times. 

But I did post another post last week, in case you want to check it out:
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Workout Summary

Monday Off
Tuesday Run: 5 easy miles at 9:23 pace
F45 strength class
Wednesday Off
Thursday F45 strength class
Friday Run: Easy 3 at 8:41 pace
Saturday Run: Easy 5 miles at 9:09 pace
Sunday Long run: 9 miles at 9:31 pace
Totals 4 runs/ 22 miles
Total workouts: 6

There's a silver lining, I suppose.

I looked back over my running history (6 years now!) and the last time I ran weekly mileage like this over the summer was in 2013. That was also the last time I was running long runs that were over 5 miles during the summer months. That was before B and before my several year ride on the illness struggle bus. It was also when I managed to get myself in peak shape.

The other time peak physical condition happened and I was running consistently higher and longer mileage was fall 2015. That was post-B, but I was dealing with major sleep deprivation at that time as well, so my energy took a bit of a hit.

It's probably not coincidence that PRs happened at both of those times, one for the 10K in 2013 and one in the half marathon in 2015. Those PRs still stand, sadly. I've been that messed up for so long. 

But at least I know I can get into that shape post-baby since it did happen in 2015, right? And right now I feel like I'm heading in that direction, even as I'm running through this blazing heat and humidity.

I can only hope I can take down those way too old PRs sometime soon. And maybe not feel quite as exhausted this coming week. But it's probably a crapshoot which of those is actually more likely. We'll see, right?

How was your week? Are you also running in a sauna right now?


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