Weekly Recap: Training Reboot Week 14 (6/25-7/1)

weekly recap june 25-july 1, 2018


Last week, my husband asked me why I run if I hate it so much. I suppose he thinks I hate it because I come back from most of my runs lately and say they were a ride on the hot and humid struggle bus. I can see how this may be mistaken for complaining or hating it. But I'm not and I don't. Running in this weather does suck. It's gross and I feel like I'm boiling in my skin.

So why do I still run? 

I think the answer is something only other runners (or anyone who has put themselves through pain to reach a goal) can understand. I run through as much as adversity as possible in hopes that my perseverance will someday result in progress, and eventually some goal crushing.

And this past week, on the one day that the temps were sort of reasonable (75 degrees/felt like 75, 95% humidity, 73 dew point), I had a run that clearly demonstrated progress. That same day, FitBit increased my V02 max and I saw a number on the scale that I'm pretty sure I haven't seen since 2015. Progress. 

Of course, the next few runs were miserable because the heat indexes were back up to triple digits (or at least 90s), but I know it's not me. It's definitely the weather. 

And that's why I do it. Through the pain, there's progress. And progress means that I can maybe possibly start thinking about setting some real goals for fall. 

Workout Summary

Monday Off
Tuesday F45 strength class
Wednesday Off
Thursday Run: 5 miles at 8:50 pace
Friday Off
Saturday Run: 5 miles at 9:14 pace
Sunday Run: 5 miles at a slog of a run/walk pace (somewhere in the 9:45 range)
Totals 3 runs/ 15 miles
Total workouts: 4

While I've had overall progress lately, this week was a bit of a cutback week. Not intentionally really, but I just had some scheduling nuttery that caused a few missed workouts. It's okay. I'm still moving forward in general, and I'll be back on track next week. And since I'm not training for anything specific right now, I'm still okay with my base as it is.

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How was your week? Why do you run through the heat and humidity? Do the non-runners in your life think you're crazy?


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