Weekly Recap: Training Reboot Week 5 (4/23-4/29)

weekly recap april 23-29

CAlifornia Work trip

Last week, I headed out to Orange County, California for work. It's definitely not a bad place to spend a week, even if my schedule was nuts. We did manage to make it out to Laguna Beach a few times for meals as a team, so at least I got in my beach fix.

I'm hoping to post a blog post with pictures soon because I took a ton (as usual), but I still haven't posted our Bahamas trip so we'll see how fast I get that post up. I better get caught up soon, though, because I have lots of travel and races coming up that I'll want to post about! 

Anyway, last week was an exhausting week of internal conferences and workshops, but this was also the first time I've met any of my team in person after working with them for two years. Crazy, right? (#workfromhomelife)

We span 5 countries and even more time zones. It was so nice to finally put faces (beyond pictures) with names and spend some time socializing outside of Slack chats, Confluence pages, and Mural online white boards. 

Also, I got to wear real clothes for a few days instead of yoga or beach gear. 

I got to wear real clothes for work!

I got to wear real clothes for work!

As much as I love California, by Friday I was ready to get home and see the family and get back to my routine. My non-workout details are below.

Workout Summary

Monday Walking a few miles
Tuesday Walking a few miles
Wednesday Run: 3 miles @ 9:20 pace
Thursday Walking a few miles
Friday Travel day
Saturday Off
Sunday Run: 3 miles @ 8:44 pace
Family bike ride: 6 miles
Totals 2 runs/6 miles


Work, work, work. I did some walking to and from the hotel/office, which was about a mile each way, but because my schedule was packed, I only managed to get in one run during the week. But one run is better than nothing! And there were hills! Big. Hills. I love hills, so I wasn't about to let them go to waste and miss out on at least one run on them. 

I did do a few quick 15 minute strength/body weight workouts in my room as well, so the week wasn't a total wash. 

Running views - Hills!

Running views - Hills!

LUnch Time Views

LUnch Time Views


I intended to run on Saturday, but I got back really late on Friday night and was still on West Coast time. I completely overslept and was still exhausted from the trip, so I skipped my run and we headed to Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet to check out the dinosaurs. 



I reclaimed some semblance of a routine on Sunday and managed to get myself out for short, easy run. After I got back from my run, we headed to the pool for a little before B got cold and then went for a 6 mile family bike ride. I'm so glad the weather is finally warming up!

So that was my week. Work travel and schedule mayhem. And now I'm plotting how we can get ourselves moved out to California. It's been so long since I've been there that I forgot how much I love that state (and how I spent a good 15 years wanting to move there). At the very least, we're getting a California vacation on our calendar soon.

How was your week? Does traveling total knock off your schedule?  


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