August 2018 Running & Fitness Goals

August 2018 Running & Fitness Goals

So it's been a while since I wrote a goals post. And it's been an even longer while that I wrote a goals post with some serious training in mind. Years, probably. 2015 maybe?

So anyway, I'm thinking it's time for some goals. It's August (no really, it is), and I'm starting to shift from reboot and maintain mode to real training for actual races where I may actually have some goals. 

run 4 times per week

When I move into full training mode in September, I'd like to run 5 times a week. For the month of August, I'm setting the bar a little lower at just 4 times.

My monthly mileage is currently the highest it's been in the summer months since 2013. Back then I was in peak condition and easily running longer distances (12-14 miles) at sub-8 paces and I was PRing all over the place. I'm not sure I feel like that right now, but it could just be the horrible heat and humidity. We were in Charlotte the summer of 2013 and the weather is marginally better there, but marginally better actually makes a huge difference for me.

In general, I'm doing pretty good for the summer of 2018, and I want to continue to build on the solid base I've managed to get through this training reboot.

Strength Train 2 times per week

While I'm in Charleston, I'll be hitting up F45 as always. In Lancaster, I need to find some alternative since there isn't an F45 there. Yoga or maybe some other fitness studio should work. There's a yoga studio within walking distance to the house we're staying at so that might be my go-to while I'm there. 

Get myself to Orange Theory at least 1 time

This one has a caveat. I will only go if they get the location close to my house open this month (which is supposed to happen), or if I can get to one while I'm in Lancaster for vacation. Otherwise, I'll skip this one.

So that's it. My goals for August. I think they're fairly manageable with my current schedule and upcoming travel. Once September hits, it's go time. 

What about you? What are your goals for this month?