Weekly recap (11/14-11/20): Bumps and bruises

Kiawah Half Training Week 7

I was dealing with a few bumps in the road this past week - tight calves, shin splints and a sinus infection. Fun times. 

I missed two of my runs, but at least I got in my long run. Although at this point, I doubt I'm really going to be able to accomplish anything spectacular at Kiawah. I've just missed too much training. I'm thinking that I may make Kiawah a tune-up race, then see about making the Charleston half my goal race. 

weekly workouts

Workout summary 

  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday: Off
  • Wednesday:
    • Easy run - 8.01 miles (8:48 pace)
    • Barre   
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Barre
  • Saturday: Off
  • Sunday: Long run - 12.03 miles (9:08 pace)


Running miles: 20.04 miles
Total runs: 2
Barre/strength: 2
Total workouts: 4

I still was feeling a bit icky on Monday and Tuesday from the sinus infection so I didn't do much either of those days. By Wednesday, I was feeling okay. Or so I thought.

I went out around lunch time and it was a lot more humid than I anticipated and there was a ton of smoke in the air from the forest fires in North Carolina. But my lungs held up okay (shockingly). My legs, however, were a hot mess. I had calf cramps and shin splits, and neither of those things are things I've dealt with all that much before. It made for a miserable first half of my run. I finally started to feel better in the second half and ended up negative splitting, but had I not been in so much pain for the first several miles, this would have been a much speedier run. 

The Thursday evening barre class I was planning to go to was canceled and by the time I found out, it was too late for me to make up the lost workout because of the rest of my schedule that day. So I had an unintended day off on Thursday. Life happens. 


Friday night, after eating way too much sushi, I went to a barre class at Barre Evolution. It was a special class I arranged with them to host a Meetup group I organize. After class, we had wine, cheese, and chocolate. You know you're getting older when you spend your Friday night at the barre instead of the bar. But it was such a fun time and hopefully we can do it again. 

bucket of oysters

Saturday ended up getting away from me with errands and other stuff (including an oyster roast - priorities, people), but Sunday I ran my long run in the coldest weather we've had in a really long time and the reprieve from both heat and humidity was so nice. 

In non-running/non-food news, B has been back to painting up a storm lately. The other day when he announced he was done he still had a ton of paint left on the palette, so I used to create a quick abstract neon number. I ended up adding glitter to it later. Because who doesn't love neon and glitter? 

B's "clouds" and "hearts"

B's "clouds" and "hearts"

My Neon Abstract brushstrokes

My Neon Abstract brushstrokes

This week I'm hoping to at least get in all of my workouts between the Thanksgiving festivities. I also need to schedule a sports massage because I'm pretty sure my issues are stemming from a tight hip flexors and a tight IT band. I probably should also spend some more quality time with the foam roller. 

And maybe someday life will stop completely getting in the way of my workouts. Until then, I'll just keep chugging along doing what I can. 

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