Weekly Recap: Fall 2018 Half Marathon Training - Week 2 (9/17-9/23)

weekly recap fall 2018 half marathon training week 2

Why is it still so hot?

Fall training may be under way, but it is definitely not feeling even remotely like fall. And it’s making it really hard to get motivated. I am so affected by the heat and humidity. It makes me so freaking slow and just zaps my energy, which makes it difficult to get excited about running at the moment. And forget speed. That won’t happen in this weather. At least not at my current (un)fitness level.

Truthfully, I don’t have much to say about this week. It was hot, I was slow. I ran a trail 5K on Saturday. Spoiler alert: I was slow. And also proceeded to get a migraine after the race that lasted all day, even though I took way too many Excedrin and drank more coffee than I thought humanly possible - and I still went to bed at 8pm. So yeah. Maybe that’s why I was feeling like garbage during the race. But, my little guy ran, too, and won his first age group award, so it wasn’t all bad!

The only run that was marginally okay for me this week was Sunday, thanks to slightly lower temps (and I got out earlier than I normally do). Dew point was still 73 and the humidity was still 100%, but I wasn’t dealing with a 90 or 100+ degree heat indexes, so there’s that.

Workout Summary

  Monday   Off
  Tuesday   Run: 5 miles
  Wednesday   Off
  Thursday   Run: 5 miles
  Friday   Off
  Saturday   Run: 3.1 miles at the Carolina Children's Charity 5K Trail Run + 1.5 miles looping back and running/walking with little B (and Daddy)
  Sunday   Run: 9 miles at 8:55 pace
  Totals   4 runs/23.6 miles
  Total workouts: 4

Not a ton happened outside of working out (and working) this past week. I was just playing catch-up from our unplanned trip to Orlando/Disney.

B had a parade at school and got upset because the teacher forgot to change him into his white parade shirt, so he sulked the whole time and I walked in the parade with him to calm him down. That was my excitement this week. Don’t be jealous.

At B’s parade (and I’m not wearing workout gear - that’s a great feat)

At B’s parade (and I’m not wearing workout gear - that’s a great feat)

I did post another blog post (more catch-up), so in case you missed it, I finally recapped the extremely rainy and windy Run Sunset Beach 5K (from back in May):

Race Recap: Run Sunset Beach 5K

And that’s about it. A short recap over here this week.

How was your week? Is it still summer where you live?


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