Weekly Recap: Fall 2018 Half Marathon Training - Week 4 (10/1-10/7)

weekly recap fall 2018 half marathon training week 4

Still hot, Still Moving along

And with that, week four of fall training is complete. Like the gazillion weeks before it, this week was hot and humid, and running was tough.

Thankfully, my work schedule isn’t nearly as crazy since I scaled back on freelance clients. My brain definitely needed the break!

Workout Summary

  Monday   Off
  Tuesday   Run: 3 miles at 9:05 pace
  Wednesday   Off
  Thursday   Run: 6 miles at 9:16 pace
  Friday   Off
  Saturday   Run: 6 miles at 8:42 pace
  Sunday   Run: 11 miles at 9:23 pace
  Totals   4 runs/26 miles
  Total workouts: 5

There’s not a ton to say about this week…I ran 4 times (one less time than I wanted to) and got in one strength workout. I also skipped out on a 5K race on Saturday because I walked outside and couldn’t breathe in the suffocating humidity, plus I was sore from a massage the previous day and couldn’t stand the thought of logging yet another terrible race time after years of terrible race times.

However, there was just a enough cloud cover (despite being 80 degrees) to make it feel not-so-hot out there on my regular run and I ran a bit faster for my Saturday 6-miler than I’ve been able to in the summer nastiness.

I’m obsessed with this type of beach grass. I want it all over my yard.

I’m obsessed with this type of beach grass. I want it all over my yard.

Running views

Running views

Sunday Runday had me running my longest in two years. It was so hot and sunny, but I got through those 11 miles (somehow). Slowly, but surely my strength and endurance is returning. I think this may have been my highest mileage week in quite a while as well. I’m not sure how long, but a while for sure. So, not a terrible week, I suppose.

I was also excited to see that an Orange Theory Fitness and Pure Barre are opening right next to each other very close to my house. I’ll finally have some options close-by when it comes to cross-training!

Outside of running, our weekend was filled with getting the house ready for fall and Halloween, and we went to a few fall festivals - one at B’s school and another at a local shopping center. It was 96 degrees and felt anything but fall-like, but hey, it’s the South.

fall in the south

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And coming up this week, I’ve got a Dinosaur Costume DIY tutorial on the schedule, and hopefully the pictures from our unexpected Orlando/Disney getaway, so check back in!

How was your week? What are you training for right now?


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