Sunday 7: Things I Love

A weekly (sometimes) round-up of things I’m loving right now.

Happy Sunday!

We had a whirlwind of a weekend over there. In about 36 hours, we made a 10 hour trek (one way) to Wilmington, Delaware and then back to Charleston, SC (that’s 20 hours of driving). We are officially those crazy people who drive hundreds of miles to adopt a dog. We drove up the East Coast to adopt a precious beagle named Willow Rose. This girl has had a rough life and she’s not entirely sure how to be a dog. It’s a good thing we have three other nutters who are more than happy to show her how it’s done.

Willow Rose Beagle

So anyway, I thought I’d do a random roundup of things I’m currently loving (or wanting) because, why not?

1) This treadmill from Treadly - It’s thin, somewhat portable, and when you’re not using it, it simply folds up and rolls under a sofa or a bed. With a top speed of 5mph (about a 12 minutes/mile), it’s not fast enough for me to use for running, but it’s definitely good for use in my office with a standing desk. I could hop on during meetings or at times when I don’t need to sit completely still to get work done. It comes in charcoal (my pick) or pink, and kind of looks like a giant smartphone, if a smartphone had a treadmill belt instead of a screen, of course.

2) Speaking of standing desks, I’m not looking for one that’s full size to replace my current desk situation. Ideally, I’d want one that’s a little smaller and portable, but I’m having trouble locating one of those that doesn’t look awful. However, I found this Bay Ridge Standing Desk by Room & Joy at Target. It looks like it would also be useful for holding arts and crafts supplies. Kind of shelf/desk hybrid. I’m not sure how I’d make it work in my current office, but I’m a fan. I like the weathered oak color, but it also comes in white.

3) 4Ocean bracelets - one bracelet removes one pound of trash from our oceans and each month a different design supports a different ocean or ocean wildlife cause. February’s limited edition bracelet is for manta rays and their habitats.

4) My son loves jewelry and beading, so I couldn’t resist this kids jewelry kit from Thirty One Bits.

5) My monthly massages from Elements Massage. One of the best things I did in the realm of self-care (and really, self-preservation) was getting a monthly membership to Elements and actually using it. Massages have helped me get through injuries (hey, piriformis syndrome!) and kept others at bay (IT band tightness, calf issues, foot pain, etc).

6) The Diplomat Resort in Hollywood, Florida. Okay, technically, I haven’t been there. Yet. But I’m heading there in March and I can’t wait. Plus, it’s right between Miami and Fort Lauderdale - two cities we’ve been wanting to explore.

7) Coastal Co. Box - In my decluttering for 2019, I got rid of a lot of monthly and quarterly bills/subscriptions. But Coastal Co. was definitely on the “keep” list. It’s a quarterly subscription focused on all things beachy, and they make sure it’s regionally appropriate. So, if I live in a warmer climate, I won’t get something for winter that I can’t wear here. If you use my link, you’ll get $20 off your first box.

Have a great Sunday and week, everyone!