Weekly Workouts: Week Ending 2/3/13

My mileage was down a little this week since I passed up on my long run this weekend. But I have good reason, I promise. Two good reasons, actually. Two good reasons that come in the form of furry, tri-colored, tail-wagging, buddies with cold, wet noses and long, floppy ears.

Haven't figured it out yet? (Really?) Then, meet my newest running buddies:


Those are two of my beagles, Autumn (who is a foster and I'm working on convincing my husband to keep) and Lucy, my little bundle of crazy beagle energy. In lieu of a long run this weekend, I decided to test out their running legs. And boy, were they excited! On Sunday, I took them out separately (I'm not that crazy to try to dog running for the first time with two dogs at the same time!). Each one ran about a mile.

Autumn was a little confused about going for a run instead of a "sniff," and her nose was to the ground for the first few strides. But she caught on eventually. Lucy, however, was pretty ecstatic to be running and just took off. Little Lucy actually runs at my regular/normal running pace (somewhere between 8:30 and 8:45 per mile), but I slowed her down intentionally to about a 10:00 minute/mile pace just so she wouldn't over-exert herself. Autumn is naturally a little slower, but that's okay! I had so much fun with them and can't wait to do it again, and I'm hoping I'll be able to get them both up to 5 miles or so.

Anyone else ever run with their mutts? How did it go?

Weekly workouts:
Monday: 30 minute Yoga workout
Tuesday: 3.5 miles
Wednesday: 7 miles
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5 miles
Sunday: 3.2 miles
Total Miles: 18.7

Training for: Alston + Bird Corporate Cup Half Marathon, 3/9/13

*Photo taken with my iPhone (was too lazy to get out the good camera)