Running and Training Goals: Summer/Fall 2013

After an awesome first half of 2013 with several goals hit much earlier than expected, including a sub-two hour half marathon (done on my first half of the year, second half ever), a sub-24 minute 5K (done in the first 5K of the year), and placing (first!) in my age group (done on the second 5K of the year), I've had to rethink some goals and come up with some new ones for the second half of the year. This upcoming training cycle includes a summer of several more 5Ks, a 10K, and at least one half and one full marathon.

Overall time goals:
  • 5K: Sub-22 minutes
  • 10K: Sub-45 minutes (my first, and probably only, 10K of the year will be in September)
  • Half Marathon: 1:45
  • Marathon: Sub 3:50

Training goals:
Cross train better
I need to make a much stronger effort to hit up FlyWheel (spinning) and/or bootcamp at least twice a week and never skip out of my once a week PureBarre visits for stretching, strengthening, and core work. And while it's warm outside, I'll definitely be taking advantage of the nicer weather and using standup paddleboarding as one of my cross training and core workouts on a regular basis.

I know this will probably put me on two-a-days at least twice a week, but I'm hoping it will be worth it.

Incorporate different types of runs
Last year because I was so new to running, I was mainly concerned with putting miles under my legs. I didn't do much speedwork, tempo training, or anything other than easy, moderate, or long slow distance runs. This year, I want to incorporate lots of other types of runs into my schedule, including several run types found on the 5 Speed Running Plan: speedwork, tempo, long distance speed, and threshold.

Log more weekly miles
I'd like to get up to around 45-50 miles per week. After last year's marathon training of running between 18 and 25 most weeks, it's no wonder I didn't hit my finish goals. Of course this year, I don't have grad school and a thesis defense to worry about, so at least I can actually devote time to training.

Mind what I eat
It's so easy when you're running to just eat mindlessly and often. Runger pangs hit constantly and I know I need to get my nutrition in top shape in order to hit my time goals.

Raise $2000 for Racing for the Rescues
This isn't a training goal, but it is a big goal for my upcoming marathon training season. I have a little bit of an earlier start this year than last year and also a bigger network, so I'm hoping to nearly double last year's funds of $1100.

And in addition to my goals for the next training cycle, I'm also keeping an eye on longer term goals and slowly building my training to get me there.
  • Qualify for and run Boston
  • Run a sub-1:35 half marathon
  • Run a sub-20 minute 5K
  • Place in my age group at a larger race (+400) and at a longer distance (10K or up)
  • Train for and participate in a triathlon

I know I've set some challenging goals for myself (both short and long term), but I know I can reach them with the right training . And of course, I'll document it all here.