Training Update: A Change of Plans (Maybe)

running shoes on the beach

It's been a while since I posted my last training update, but moving to the beach posed a serious distraction from regular blogging. Now that I've kind-of-sort-of-maybe wrapped my head around the fact that I actually live at the beach (holy shit! I live at the beach!), I'm trying to focus on things not revolving around sand, surf, and sun (and the fact that I'm just a 5-10 minute drive to it all). Things like a new job, getting settled, and finding a new running and training routine now that I'm separated from my Charlotte running group. The latter has proved a bit of a struggle and I've found myself...less than motivated. Not necessarily not motivated to run, but I'm not motivated to train for a marathon right now.

Apparently, all of the motivation for that came from outside sources, like coaching and the camaraderie of the group, rather than intrinsically from a burning, crazy desire to run a full marathon this year. Even at the beginning of the season, I had only been planning to run a few half marathons, to continue getting more miles under my legs and hit a few PRs at the shorter distances, and to come back strong for next year's training season and attempt to qualify for Boston.

But everyone was running the marathon this year, so why not me, too? Peer pressure. It sucked me in. But in addition to losing my running group, the move (and stress and illness) seriously derailed my long runs, and while I could probably get back on track, I'm just not sure that I want to.

All that said, I'm most definitely still running at least two half marathons (Rocktoberfest in Charlotte and the Savannah Rock 'n Roll half), and possibly the Myrtle Beach Mini (half). And I'm definitely, 100 percent still Racing for the Rescues. I just might need to back off to a half in Savannah instead of the full. Not completely decided yet, but it's looking like a strong possibility.

This week has been the first week in more than a month that I've felt good during training. I wasn't tired, my allergies were under control, and all of the moving stress is over (now I just get to have fun decorating the new place!). I have a 10K this coming Saturday (on the beach!), so I'll see how I feel at this race - hopefully, it won't be anywhere close to how tired and crappy I felt at the last race. And we'll see if my marathon motivation comes back. But if it doesn't? No worries. I'll be back next year.