Race Recap: Charleston Pajama Run 5K

Another 5K and a new PR! My last PR in the 5K distance happened back in the spring at the CPCC Skyline 5K, and yesterday I beat that time by 9 seconds, which was also good enough for 2nd in my age group. I'll take it.

Pajama run 5k

This was a pretty easy run for me since I was healthy again, despite feeling a little tired. I also think I need to run a race without using a watch/timing app because I definitely freaked myself out by looking at it. I started around a 6:45 pace and held that steady for the first 1/2 mile or so, then I slowed down a bit and the next time I looked at my pace (which was in mile 2), I was at a 7:15 pace. And then I freaked out because I thought I was going too fast and wouldn't be able to hold that pace for the next 1-1.5 miles, even though I felt okay. But after that, I lost the mental game and slowed down. Way down. To about an 8 minute pace until I hit the 2.75 mile mark when I kicked it back into gear and finished strong. I clearly need to run a 5K without looking at a watch.

Overall, it was a nice course that ran through a park in downtown Charleston. There were a few technical difficulties at the start line when the organizers couldn't get the start marker to actually blow up to set it up, so we started without a real starting line, but that really wasn't a huge deal. Post-race food included donuts, bananas, oranges, and coffee, and the finish ended at The Joe stadium. Prizes for winners were gift certificates to Try Sports and a nice, big coffee mug, and I love big coffee mugs, especially on chilly mornings like today when they're filled with hot chocolate.

As for the rest of my fall racing season...sadly, I'm not going to be doing the Savannah Rock 'n Roll Half as originally planned. I just had too many personal and health issues going on this training season that have kept me from really feeling ready to tackle a half marathon. But the good news is, I found (and registered for) a training group here in Charleston to train for the Charleston Half in January. I'm hoping that will be the reboot I need to get my training back on track.

I do have a few more 5Ks planned for the this year, mostly holiday themed runs. I'm running The Turkey Day Gobble Wobble and pacing Dave to help him get a PR. He's shooting for a ten minute mile and I'm positive he can do it! Then there's the Reindeer Run and Jingle Bell Run in December. I'm not sure yet if I'll even try to PR there or if I'll just have some fun. But at the very least, I need to run at least one of those without a watch.

Results: 23:44 (7:38), 14th overall, 7th overall female, 2nd in age group
Weather: 40-something degrees, sunny and cold!
Health: Good, just tired