Hello, 2014!

I already wrote a This Year, Next Year post, but I thought I'd do one that lists out my goals a little more specifically, but still keeps them generally open and abstract, if that makes sense.

As a brief aside - today I read back through some of my old posts and I came across my Hello, 2013 post. It seems that I may have lost sight of some of those original goals as the year went on, allowing myself to get caught up in marathon training excitement when I knew, deep down, my heart wasn't in it for the full distance last year. But despite that, I managed to circle back around and I ended up accomplishing exactly what I set out to accomplish (minus the specific time goals for a 5K and half marathon). I laid low. I relaxed. I basked.

Maybe I should have read that post before I posted my This Year, Next Year post. Maybe 2013 did go a little more as planned than I thought. Although, I wasn't counting on any of the major changes that happened (a move to Charleston, a new job, buying a second house (at the beach!), and of course, getting pregnant). But still, I did pretty well as far as the relaxing part.

So this year, in addition to my fitness and running goals of consistency and more cross training, I want to step away from the screen (computer, TV, phone) and:
  • Learn something new
  • Create art
  • Read more books
  • Take more pictures
  • Cook at home
  • Simplify and organize
  • Live in the moment
  • Embrace the unexpected
  • Savor the beach life

All that to say: Welcome, 2014! Let's get started!
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