Training Log: Final Three Weeks of Charleston Half Training

I mentioned before that I had a little freak out in the few weeks leading up to the Charleston Half because I felt like my mileage was really low. For the record, it was. But when I took a look at last year's training log over the same time period, it wasn't really much lower, so that lessened my panic about being undertrained. Add to that that I wasn't really gunning for a PR this year and was just treating this race like any other long run, and I think I was fine. 

I thought I'd post the last three weeks of my training here, which were much lower in mileage than last year's because of just being tired from pregnancy. But I still pulled off the race, not very fast, but I did it and I wasn't tired at all, so I'm happy with that. 

Note: I'm not recommending my training (or lack thereof) as a model for anyone else's half training. It wasn't enough to actually race a race or expect a PR. But for me at least, it was enough to run it comfortably and not struggle or be tired. 

January 2014
Week 1: Run 15.82, Elliptical 3, Walk 1.33
Week 2: Run 8.48, Walk 1.39, 2 core/strength workouts
Week 3: Run 16.14 (HM), 1 core/strength workout
Subtotal: 40.44 (running), 46.16 (running + elliptical + walking)