Training Log: Pregnancy Weeks 22 and 23

I'm still not feeling too great right now (actually, I'm feeling pretty horrible), so I'm just doing what I can, when I can to at least get some activity in. I went from having respiratory issues to having bouts of dizziness and nearly fainting, and had to have some blood work done (still no word on what's wrong). Generally, the only place and position that's comfortable for me is lying down in my own bed or on the couch, which my beagles have no qualms about since those are their favorite places, too.

Most days, even if I'm feeling okay, I'm a little apprehensive to go out and run. Obviously, I don't want to be out running when a fainting episode hits. So for now, if I do run, I just do loops around my neighborhood so I can make a quick turn and head home if necessary. On a brighter note, the weather was beautiful this week, so getting outside, even if just for a little, was nice.


Week Ending 2/16 (Pregnancy Week 22)

Thursday - Pure Barre Prenatal DVD

Saturday - Run 2 miles, Pure Barre Prenatal DVD, Walk 1.5 miles

Week Ending 2/23 (Pregnancy Week 23)

Monday - Run 2 miles

Friday - Pure Barre Prenatal DVD

I still haven't bought any maternity clothes. Instead, I've just bought regular clothing (shirts) in a size larger than normal and so far, that's been working. One of my favorite purchases are these shirts from Abercrombie & Fitch. They were on sale for super cheap and I love them for running and barre workouts. I've never really liked tight shirts, even for working out, so these are just perfect.

I'm hoping that I start to feel better soon, so I can at least get out for a few more runs per week or ride my bike. I feel like such a slug right now! But I guess I that just happens sometimes during pregnancy and at least I'm past the halfway point and the end is (almost) in sight.