The first four weeks + recent snapshots

The past few weeks feel like the longest weeks of my life (in a good way) as I adjust to life with a tiny human, but at the same time they're flying by (in a bad way). I can't believe I'm already more than halfway through my maternity leave. I'm not exactly thrilled with the idea of returning to work so soon and I'm appalled by this country's horrible parental leave policies, but there's not much I can do about it but muddle through and make the best of it.

As for right now, I've done my best to stop putting pressure on myself to do a ton of things other than family time during my leave. Sure, I'd love to update my professional website, take a bunch of Skillshare classes, write tons of blog posts, and start working on some jewelry design ideas that I've had stuck in my head forever. But all of that can wait. I'll get to it soon enough. Baby B is only going to be this little once and I'm just enjoying spending time with him and D (and the beagles and Stella, of course!). I may have also been watching a large quantity of Grey's Anatomy reruns in the afternoons.

Speaking of Baby B...

He continues to be the cutest, sweetest baby ever. So far he sleeps more at night than during the day and I'm hoping he continues that trend. Thankfully, he's gained back his birth weight and then some after the scary weight loss we had with him during his first week.

In addition to regular walks on the beach, this week he went on his first lunch outing to Water's Edge at Shem Creek here in Mount Pleasant. We sat outside on the covered deck and watched the paddeboarders and kayakers and talked about how we can't wait to take Baby B kayaking with us when he gets older. This kid is so lucky to be growing up in such a wonderful place.


Overall, the recovery from delivery itself hasn't been bad at all. I haven't been in pain at all for well over a week and I'm easily able to walk and do simple barre workouts (I'm using the same prenatal DVD that I used during pregnancy).

Unfortunately, recovery hasn't been without its hiccups. Despite my lack of milk supply, I still somehow ended up with mastitis (if you've ever had that, my thoughts are with you - it's horrible). I spent three days hardly able to get out of bed with a fever of 102.4 that continually broke and spiked. My bones ached, my head throbbed, and I felt like I had an epic case of the flu. And then I had a reaction to not one, but both of the antibiotics I was given for the mastitis, which resulted in an painful, itchy rash that covered my entire torso and made my face swell up to the point where I barely recognized myself in the mirror. I ended up in urgent care getting a steriod shot for that. All of those issues have since cleared up and I'm feeling human again.

I've got just a little bit of weight to lose and it's all right in my waist and upper hips. But despite a little extra weight, my stomach quickly went back to its formerly flat state (I consider myself very lucky for that). The weight is slowly coming off and I'm sure will continue to do so, especially as I get more active and back into running and other workouts. A lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit, but several of them are still just a little uncomfortable right now and my skinniest jeans are still not wearable. But I'm keeping the faith that I'll get back in them since they do button. I just wouldn't be seen in public in them at the moment. However, one thing that didn't change at all during pregnancy is my feet, so all of my shoes still fit!


I'll admit, I've been getting a little stir crazy now that I'm feeling back to normal, but I still don't want to do anything crazy and hurt myself. Even so, I feel like I still need to at least get a little bit of activity in on most days. Plus walks are a nice way to get out with the entire family and Baby B loves being carried in his carriers on walks.

Workouts so far this week:

  • Sunday: Pure Barre Prenatal DVD + 2 mile beach walk
  • Monday: Pure Barre Prenatal DVD + 2 mile beach walk
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Pure Barre Prenatal DVD

While these past several weeks have been sort of whirlwind and life has changed completely, I feel like things are oddly the same. Baby B fits right into our lives and our family, and I'm excited for a lifetime of memories with this little boy.

Mother's bracelet (gift from D) with D and my birthstone (August/peridot) and B's birthstone (June/alexandrite), by Puryst