Weekly workouts: September 7-10 + postpartum week 12 + 10K training week 3

I've started to freak out over the least little tweak. On my first run this week, I felt a little tightness in my left leg from my IT band, so I immediately dialed my pace back and took it easy. I'm so paranoid about getting injured, so intentionally keeping it slow and easy is probably the best thing right now. There is just no reason for me to be actively trying to increase both speed and mileage at the same time right now. None. Just getting miles under my legs and rebuilding my base is good enough.

Like last week, I didn't get in any BodyFlow or Barre workouts. This needs to change this week. I feel a difference when I miss those workouts (and missing them certainly doesn't help with those weird little IT band tweaks).

And not to harp on the weather because I love where I live and the warm climate that comes with it, but wow...it's been super humid (still). Saturday morning's run was done in 100 percent humidity. Gross. I'm definitely ready for the humidity to die down a bit so I'm not boiling in my own sweat every time I run.

In related news, I got some new shorts and they are awesome! I don't usually like to spend a ton of money on workout shorts, but I bought the  What the Sport Short from Lululemon and they are so comfortable. They work for both running and BodyFlow, which I'll be doing back-to-back on some Monday evenings, so it's nice to wear something that works well for both. Otherwise, not much to see here. Moving right along to week four of 10K training.

The week in workouts

  • Sunday: Crosstrain - elliptical 3.4 miles
  • Monday: Burn DVD (pilates + weights + cardio)
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Neighborhood run - 2.26 miles/10:15 pace
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Beach run - 1.36 miles/9:57 pace
  • Saturday: Group training run - 4.06 miles/10:54

Total miles: 7.68