Weekly workouts: 11/2-11/9 (postpartum week 20)

I'm switching back to a Monday through Sunday workout schedule since that's what my half marathon training plan is following and that starts this week. For some reason, I like a Monday through Sunday schedule better anyway, so I'm glad for the change.

In other news, I hit a postpartum weekly mileage high this week (edit: upon recheck, it's actually the second highest weekly mileage, but whatever, it's more than most weeks lately, so yay me) and post-baby speed PRs in both a regular run and a race. I realize that thirteen miles in one week and an 8:xx pace really isn't all that impressive, but considering I'm only four and a half months postpartum, I'm pretty proud of my fitness gains. Let's keep 'em coming!

The week in workouts


  • AM workout: 20 minutes core
  • PM workout: OFF


  • AM workout: 20 minutes core 
  • PM: Run 3.01 miles (9:10 pace) 


  • AM workout: 20 minutes core 
  • PM: OFF


  • AM workout: 20 minutes core 
  • PM: OFF


  • AM workout: OFF 
  • PM: Run 3.03 miles (8:55 pace)

Saturday: Race - Run for the Yorktown 5K (recap coming soon)

Sunday: Recovery run - 4.15 miles (9:51 pace)

Total miles: 13.29