Weekly workouts: Half marathon training week 5 (12/8-12/14) - postpartum week 25

This week marked the halfway point of my half marathon training, and overall, I'm happy with how it's been going. I'd like to be running five days a week instead of four, but this is what my schedule allows for right now and considering how crazy life is in general lately between work, sweet little B, and the holidays, I think I'm doing pretty good! I also didn't do as many morning core workouts during this week as usual, but I did still do four total strength and core workouts.

In other slightly more exciting news, my Track Tuesday session was the best post-baby speedwork session yet! I'm still slower on those 800s than I was pre-baby, but I'm much faster than I was at 400s a little over a month ago. I dropped from about an 8:45 pace on 400s to a 7:30 pace on 800s, so that's a pretty big improvement.

On Saturday morning, I was supposed to do a HIIT workout with the 21 Day Challenge group before the group training run, but one of my beagles had an allergic reaction that landed us in the pet ER at 5:30 a.m., so the last thing I was worried about was getting to the HIIT workout. I just wanted to make sure little Lucy Belle was okay (thankfully, she is!). After she got shots to block the histamines and reduce the crazy swelling on her cute little face, we went home, she fell asleep, and I was able to get out for the long run with the group.

Otherwise, a pretty uneventful week. But now that the craziness of the holiday season is really in full swing, the next few weeks are going to be interesting with fitting in workouts and getting enough miles in.

The week in workouts


  • AM workout: OFF 
  • PM: BodyFlow


  • PM workout #1: Track Tuesday - 4x800s (avg. 7:28 pace) plus recovery laps and warmup/cooldown (3.74 miles/8:25 pace overall)
  • PM workout #2: CXWorx class


  • AM workout: 30 minutes core 
  • PM: OFF

Thursday: OFF


  • AM workout: 20 minute HIIT 
  • PM: Run 4.01 miles (8:57 pace)

Saturday: Group long run - 8.07 miles (9:13 pace)

Sunday: Recovery run - 3.06 miles (9:23 pace)

Total miles: 18.88

Total runs: 4

Total core/strength workouts: 4