Race goals: Race & Roast 5K trail run

I'm running my first ever trail race this Sunday and I'm really looking forward to it. I even picked up some new trail running kicks (Brooks PureGrit), which I loved when I ran on some trails last week.


I have no idea what to really expect pace-wise, but according to the race website the trails are a combination of packed dirt and road, so nothing crazy twisty or tough. I'm thinking I should probably be able to come close-ish to my regular 5K pace, although a road-pace PR might be a bit iffy.

Regardless, I'm excited for a trail race, but I'm even more excited for the oyster roast following the race (get it, "Race & Roast"?). I love oyster season here in Charleston and after a race, I'll be ready to stuff myself with lots of tasty oysters (and beer!).

Here's what I'm thinking for Sunday:

"A" goal - 23:35 (7:35 pace)

"B" goal - 23:55 (7:41 pace)

"C" goal - 24:15 (7:48 pace)

"If I get out there and realize the trails are harder trails" goal - 25:30 (8:12 pace)

So that's all I've got. Just looking to go out and have a good time running my first trail race.