Race recap: Race & Roast Trail Run 5K (finally)

I figured I should get around to writing this recap before I completely forget. I ran this back on March 1, and it was definitely memorable, thanks to some near-freezing weather (only in the 30s, which is frigid for here) and torrential downpours!

The race took place at Oakland Plantation in Mount Pleasant and benefited the East Cooper Land Trust, a non-profit organization whose mission is to conserve natural spaces.  I think it's normally closed to the public but this annual fundraiser features the trail race followed by an oyster roast (get it, Race & Roast) and they open up the space for the event and also have a band come in for entertainment. The race plus roast cost about $50 and the roast only cost $35, and the roast was all-inclusive so I think that's a pretty good deal!

Runners weave through the woods and loop around the lake on the plantation. There are a few paved areas in parking lots, but most of the race is trails, some of which are very uneven, and some are just packed dirt (or in the case of this particular race day, slippery, sloppy mud puddles).


This was my first trail race ever (and only my second or third time running on a trail at all), so I had no idea what to expect, and the weather threw another unknown in there, too. But despite that, I had a blast splashing through the puddles and hanging out with one of my friends who came out to run her first post-baby 5K (D, Little B, and my friend's husband and their baby came to cheer us on).

Since I didn't really know how to pace myself for a trail race or how messy the trails would be because of the rain, I just took it relatively easy. There were a few spots where I was afraid I was going to roll an ankle and I slowed down considerably. I didn't do too badly, though, coming in at 25:34 (8:14 pace). But trail races are definitely different than road races!

I really loved this whole race experience, from the trails to the after party at the oyster roast, even if we didn't get any oysters (sad!). It was just too freezing and rainy for us to stand out in the middle of a grassy lawn shucking oysters with our babies. So after the race, we took shelter under some trees and ate mac 'n cheese, chili (they had vegetarian chili!), and beer.

I'm planning to put this race on my calendar again next year and I'm hoping for clear skies and dry trails because I really, really want to chow down on some oysters post-race.