Skidaway Island Half Marathon training: Week 9 (3/23-3/29)

A brief weekly workout/half marathon training post here this week since I'm extremely short on time. this...

This was my last full week of training for Skidaway. And it wasn't the greatest week. I had lots of personal stresses (life, work, etc.) going on and while running is excellent therapy, my mental state made an appearance in my running with overall fatigue and lack of motivation. I also slept wrong or something on my neck on Monday night and was in pain all day Tuesday, including when I was running. Fortunately, that went away the next day, but wow, it was painful while it lasted.

Sunday I had planned to run one last 10 mile run, but because of some scheduling conflicts, I was on sole baby patrol with a sick baby, so I skipped running altogether on Sunday and did some core work instead. I'm not concerned about missing that 10-miler because my training has been much more consistent and gone well overall this time around. So running that would have just been a bonus, not a necessity.

Otherwise, I'm feeling confident, but I'm also glad that half marathon training is wrapping up. I still have Nashville at the end of April, but the hard training is over. I'm looking forward to a summer of paddleboarding (and yoga on a paddleboard!), crosstraining, strength training, and track work. No more half marathons until fall!

In summary (too long, didn't read):

The week in workouts:
  • Monday: Strength/core: Bodyflow 
  • Tuesday: Run - 5.02 miles (8:56 pace)
  • Wednesday: OFF
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: Run - 4.11 (8:24 pace)
  • Saturday: 5.02 miles (8:40 pace)
  • Sunday: Strength/core: 20 minutes CoreFusion
Total miles: 14.15
Total runs: 3
Total core/strength workouts: 2
Total crosstraining: 0