Weekly Recap: Training Reboot Week 23 (8/27-9/2)

Weekly recap

Craziness (and a bit too much fun)

So I went out three nights in a row this past week - nothing crazy, just out until about 10:30 and a glass or two of wine. And wow, did it wipe me out! A definite reminder that I am not 25 anymore. Mentally, I needed the time out with friends, but my week with work and freelance life was exhausting and the nights out added to that. Plus August in general has been really oddly busy with life stuff, like lots of social activities (birthday celebrations!) and traveling.

The heat, humidity and dew points continue to rage here. We're still hitting triple digit heat indexes, and dew points are still somewhere between 76 and 79. After two weeks in better weather, it was a tough week back here in Charleston. 

Workout Summary

  Monday   Off
  Tuesday   Run: 3 miles at 8:36 pace
  Wednesday   Off
  Thursday   Run: 3 miles at 9:05 pace
  Friday   Off
  Saturday   Run: Run: 3 miles at 9:16 pace
  Sunday   Run: 7 miles
  Totals   4 runs/16 miles
  Total workouts: 5

The short story (because that's all I have time for) - my runs during the week were shorter than they were supposed to be, but at least I got in 4 total runs. By Sunday, I was just dragging and my run was just miserable. I'm not even sure I'd call it a run. I was more like a slog - I had to stop and walk a bunch of times and I felt hot, dizzy, and nauseated. And I had a headache. But I got in 7 miles, so there's that. 

Running views

While my week was packed with fun with friends, plus Sunday brunch (no alcohol there, just tons of water and coffee!), I didn't quite get in all of the miles I had hoped for my week. I was just too tired and it was so hot. Trade offs, I suppose. Fun or run? 

Oh, and we went to the beach a few times, so that's always good, too, right?

isle of palms at sunset
isle of palms at sunset

But anyway, it's a new week and a new(ish) season. B started pre-K (so big!) and I'm heading into training (real training, at least I hope so) for fall races with actual goals. And at least I had a 3-day weekend to kind of recover from a month of traveling and too much fun.

How was your week?  Is it fall where you are yet? Can you tell how frazzled I am right now based on this post? 


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