Weekly Recap: The In-between

weekly recap

Gearing up for fall training

That's a wrap on my lollygagging before leaping into fall training. Last week marked the end of rebuilding and the beginning of fall training. It was a weird week, though. Between wrapping up (finally) a freelance project that kept me pretty busy and dealing with dog issues (one ate corn cobs, another hurt her back - everyone is okay), it wasn't the calm, peaceful week I was hoping for (are they ever?). 

But I chugged through it, and we're on the other side of it now. It was hot. It was humid. Dew points continue to rage. But I got through it. Slowly, sweatily (I think I just made up a word, but whatever).

And if you missed my posts from last week, you can catch those here (lots of pretty pictures, you guys, not a ton of words):

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Workout Summary

  Monday   6 mile bike ride
  Tuesday   F45
  Wednesday   Off
  Thursday   Run: 4 miles
  Friday   Off
  Saturday   Run: Run: 3.1 miles at Hope for Haiti Trail Race 5K (ran with B - his first 5k!)
  Sunday   Run: 8 miles
  Totals   3 runs/15.1 miles
  Total workouts: 5

So about my week...I wanted to run 5 days, but with the unexpected issues that cropped up (ha! cropped...corn...ahem, anyway), that didn't happen. I got through 3 runs, a bike ride, and an F45 workout. 

Plus, B ran his first 5K at the Hope for Haiti Trail Race. We didn't plan for him to run, but when we got there, he asked if he could run with mommy, and so he did! There will definitely be a full recap coming of this one and the youngest registered participant at the race!

ACS_1171 2.jpg

As far as my running schedule, maybe next week will be better, although...

It's also that time of year where hurricane tracking becomes one of my major hobbies. We're watching Florence right now. This year, I'd like to avoid having an impromptu evacucation (evacuation + vacation) to Charlotte if we can (like last year and the year before that). Not that I don't like going to Charlotte. I'd just prefer to pre-plan it and not be worried about a hurricane hitting back home. 

Anyway, my favorite hurricane tracking app is Windy.com (I highly recommend it). They've got a website, too, and there are flashing spots and clicking sounds for lightning strikes. It's fascinating. Anyway, when it comes to hurricanes, I've found it to be the most accurate for all the major hurricane events we've experienced in the past few years. So Windy and I are tight this week. Windy earned a spot on the home screen of my phone.

In blog news, I got somewhat caught up on blog posts with my OBX and Lancaster vacation posts. Otherwise, I think I'm done playing catch-up (mostly). If I haven't recapped a race yet, it's not likely that I will. It's fall, y'all. Clean slate. Moving forward. 

How was your week? What are you training for right now? If you're in a hurricane prone area, do you pay close attention to hurricane tracking this time of year?


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